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ABSTRACT: The Ethics of Conducting Graduate Medical Education Research on Residents.

Abstract The field of graduate medical education (GME) research is attracting increased attention and broader participation. The authors review the special ethical and methodological considerations pertaining to medical education research. Because residents are at once a convenient and captive study population, a risk of coercion exists, making the provision of consent

RESOURCE: ‘Social reading’ the next phase of e-book revolution

According to Bob Stein, a digital pioneer, the future of books is "social reading." Digital booksellers, like Amazon and Indigo, have harnessed social media from the start. They and other sellers encourage their customers to comment on books in company-controlled chat spaces. But these digital walled gardens are way too limited for

ABSTRACT: Evaluating information skills training in health libraries: a systematic review.

Abstract INTRODUCTION: Systematic reviews have shown that there is limited evidence to demonstrate that the information literacy training health librarians provide is effective in improving clinicians' information skills or has an impact on patient care. Studies lack measures which demonstrate validity and reliability in evaluating the impact of training. AIM: To determine what measures

ABSTRACT: MEDLINE clinical queries are robust when searching in recent publishing years — Wilczynski et al. 20 (2): 363 — Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association

Abstract Objective To determine if the PubMed and Ovid MEDLINE clinical queries (which were developed in the publishing year 2000, for the purpose categories therapy, diagnosis, prognosis, etiology, and clinical prediction guides) perform as well when searching in current publishing years. Methods A gold standard database of recently published research literature was

Manuscript: Identifying primary and recurrent cancers using a SAS-based natural language processing algorithm

Abstract Objective Significant limitations exist in the timely and complete identification of primary and recurrent cancers for clinical and epidemiologic research. A SAS-based coding, extraction, and nomenclature tool (SCENT) was developed to address this problem. Materials and methods SCENT employs hierarchical classification rules to identify and extract information from electronic pathology reports. Reports are

ABSTRACT: Challenges to nurses’ efforts of retrieving, documenting, and communicating patient care information — Keenan et al. 20 (2): 245 — Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association

Abstract Objective To examine information flow, a vital component of a patient's care and outcomes, in a sample of multiple hospital nursing units to uncover potential sources of error and opportunities for systematic improvement. Design This was a qualitative study of a sample of eight medical–surgical nursing units from four diverse hospitals

ABSTRACT: Narrative, emotion and action: analysing ‘most memorable’ professionalism dilemmas

Abstract OBJECTIVES  Although previous studies have explored medical learners''most memorable' experiences, these have typically focused on patient deaths or mistakes. Drawing on multiple theoretical perspectives to understand the interplay between narrative, emotion and action, this paper aims to explore the whats and hows of written narratives of most memorable professionalism dilemmas:

ABSTRACT: Twelve tips for getting started using mixed methods in medical education research.

Abstract Background: Mixed methods research, which is gaining popularity in medical education, provides a new and comprehensive approach for addressing teaching, learning, and evaluation issues in the field. Aim: The aim of this article is to provide medical education researchers with 12 tips, based on consideration of current literature in the

RESOURCE: Coursera forced to call off a MOOC amid complaints about the course

Maybe it was inevitable that one of the new massive open online courses would crash. After all, MOOCs are being launched with considerable speed, not to mention hype. But MOOC advocates might have preferred the collapse of a course other than the one that was suspended this weekend, one week

STORIFY: Online and open access learning in HE: MOOCs, new pedagogies and business models #ldnMOOCS

This one day seminar was intended for senior managers and policy makers in higher education, as well as other stakeholders and innovators in both the public and private sectors. It promised to: take a critical look at the critical surge of online and open access higher education in the US, as