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ABSTRACT: Validation of a Teaching Effectiveness Assessment in Psychiatry Continuing Medical Education

OBJECTIVE: Little is known about factors associated with effective continuing medical education (CME) in psychiatry. The authors aimed to validate a method to assess psychiatry CME teaching effectiveness and to determine associations between teaching effectiveness scores and characteristics of presentations, presenters, and participants. METHODS: This cross-sectional study was conducted at the Mayo Clinic

ABSTRACT: Associations between teaching effectiveness scores and characteristics of presentations in hospital medicine continuing education

BACKGROUND: There is little research regarding characteristics of effective continuing medical education (CME) presentations in hospital medicine (HM). Therefore, we sought to identify associations between validated CME teaching effectiveness scores and characteristics of CME presentations in the field of HM. DESIGN/SETTING: This was a cross-sectional study of participants and didactic presentations from a

MANUSCRIPT: Improving Participant Feedback to Continuing Medical Education Presenters in Internal Medicine: A Mixed Methods Study

Evaluation and feedback are uniquely different: evaluation is summative and involves judgment, whereas feedback is formative and specifically intended to improve effectiveness.7,8 It is understood that useful feedback is provided in a timely fashion, behavior-specific, and balanced with both positive and constructive elements.7 Behavior-specific feedback is important because, unlike vague

MANUSCRIPT: Big data in medicine is driving big changes

OBJECTIVES: To summarise current research that takes advantage of "Big Data" in health and biomedical informatics applications. METHODS: Survey of trends in this work, and exploration of literature describing how large-scale structured and unstructured data sources are being used to support applications from clinical decision making and health policy, to drug design and

MANUSCRIPT: Looking Through a Social Lens: Conceptualising Social Aspects of Knowledge Management for Global Health Practitioners

Knowledge management plays a critical role in global health. Global health practitioners require knowledge in every aspect of their jobs, and in resource-scarce contexts, practitioners must be able to rely on a knowledge management system to access the latest research and practice to ensure the highest quality of care. However,

MANUSCRIPT: Clinical epidemiology in the era of big data: new opportunities, familiar challenges

Routinely recorded health data have evolved from mere by-products of health care delivery or billing into a powerful research tool for studying and improving patient care through clinical epidemiologic research. Big data in the context of epidemiologic research means large interlinkable data sets within a single country or networks of

What We’ve Learned about Note-taking in Continuing Education

If we go all the way back (now nearly 6 years ago) to the original Learning Actions research project, one of the first insights gained was that note-taking is a nearly universal behavior that clinician-learners rely on to support their learning process. In fact, from my initial interviews I found

RESOURCE: About our Paper – What data and analytics can and do say about effective learning | npj Science of Learning Community

Our article, "What data and analytics can and do say about effective learning", was published in the journal npj Science of Learning recently. The Nature Research team had a few questions for us about our article, which Linda Corrin and I have answered below. What is learning analytics, and how does

MANUSCRIPT: What data and analytics can and do say about effective learning

The collection and analysis of data about learning is a trend that is growing exponentially in all levels of education. Data science is poised to have a substantial influence on the understanding of learning in online and blended learning environments. The mass of data already being collected about student learning provides a source of greater

AMPEL BioSolutions and ArcheMedX Form Partnership Aimed at Improving Success Rate of Clinical Trials

CHARLOTTESVILLE – AMPEL BioSolutions, a leading translational medicine and clinical operations company and ArcheMedX, a digital platform for effective online health care education and training programs, today announced a new collaboration to transform clinical trial recruitment and retention by enabling research sites to more effectively educate and continually engage clinical staff and patients.