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#CMEpalooza: “Data-Driven and Agile Educational Design: Ensuring Your Courses Intelligently Evolve”

Introduction: In the formative days of continuing education (CE), when “producing” content was a specialized competency, educational planners had little choice but to develop content, package it into slides or a monograph or a video, and then sit back and hope it had the impact that was intended. But times have

The relationship between learning and the limitations of our working memory

I’ve been reading more and more recently about the connection between adult learning theory, cognitive science, and the underling physiology of learning – this is a critical body of literature for those planning and creating education. And while the complexity of this field of study is seemingly limitless, one of

The New ArcheViewer Administrative Experience: The Emergence of Data-Driven Educational Planning

When we set out to transform online learning in medicine through a data driven e-learning delivery and assessment model we knew that, if successful, our educational partners would need an even more effective and efficient way to manage activity creation and data analyses. Thanks to the success of our educational partners, we