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12 min Read 7 Feb, 2024

Breaking the Cycle of Ineffective Site Initiation Practices

As the SCOPE Summit approaches next week, it's clear sponsors and CROs still face many of the same site activation and patient enrollment challenges across…

ArcheMedX Team
ArcheMedX Team

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11 min Read 1 Jul, 2020

Interview: Adopting Consumer Tech in Clinical Trials Will Pave the Way for Hybrid and Virtual Trials

We recently spoke with Kemi Olugemo, M.D., Executive Medical Director, Neurology Clinical Development at Akcea…

5 min Read 1 Jul, 2020

Why Does Clinical Trial Readiness Matter, and How is it Used to Improve Performance?

The following is an excerpt from our ebook “The Definitive Guide to Clinical Trial Readiness.”…

3 min Read 29 Jun, 2020

ArcheMedX Stands with Those Advancing True, Meaningful Equality for All

Despite the world’s emotions and attention being pulled in varying directions due to the ongoing…

3 min Read 29 Jun, 2020

What Is Clinical Trial Readiness?

The following is an excerpt from our ebook “The Definitive Guide to Clinical Trial Readiness.”…

12 min Read 26 Jun, 2020

Interview: COVID-19 Has Forced Clinical Research to Innovate, but We Must Do More

We recently spoke with Mark Shapiro, Partner at Pharma Initiatives, a specialty consultancy focused on…

8 min Read 22 Jun, 2020

FDA’s Latest Guidance for Clinical Trials: What You Need to Know Now

With many clinical trials grinding to a halt weeks or months ago, the FDA’s updated…

7 min Read 9 Jun, 2020

4 Things to Do Now While Clinical Trials Are on Pause

While industry media are reporting that some clinical trials that had been paused are restarting,…

8 min Read 8 Jun, 2020

Interview: The People-First Approach to Success in Clinical Trials

We recently spoke with Carl Cook, Vice President of Clinical Operations at Black Diamond Therapeutics,…

4 min Read 4 Jun, 2020

Turning Conversation into Positive Change

Recent events have struck at the very soul of our nation. They demand nothing less…

4 min Read 27 May, 2020

How to Be Sure Your Team Understands Important Updates to your Clinical Trial

Your protocol has been amended. There’s been a key finding that requires a change in procedure.…

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7 min Read 21 May, 2020

Contact Tracing: The Vital Importance of a Nationwide Commitment

For months, public health experts have shared a constant refrain, stating that widespread testing and…

6 min Read 7 May, 2020

It’s Time to Insist on Knowing More about Your Clinical Trial Operations

When discussing how they manage clinical trial staff, industry veterans have often told us that they get…

5 min Read 28 Apr, 2020

Making a Positive Impact During COVID-19

We have all witnessed the remarkable dedication of our first responders and healthcare workers as…

5 min Read 7 Apr, 2020

Today’s New Reality in Clinical Trial Readiness

We’ve talked about clinical trial readiness repeatedly in this space. Probably we all, as an…

4 min Read 26 Mar, 2020

Our Collective Response to COVID-19

We are all finding ways personally and professionally to meet the challenge posed by COVID-19. …

7 min Read 25 Mar, 2020

Interview: One ClinOps Leader Tells His Story on Site Preparedness, and Offers the Industry Some Advice

We recently spoke with Kevin M. Crawford, head of clinical operations at Tenax Therapeutics, a specialty pharmaceutical company based…

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