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12 min Read 23 Jun, 2020

7 Tips to Transform Training Content for Use in Virtual Clinical Trials

When was the last time you conducted a face-to-face training for investigators, sites, or other…

Molly Bryant
Molly Bryant
8 min Read 22 Jun, 2020

FDA’s Latest Guidance for Clinical Trials: What You Need to Know Now

With many clinical trials grinding to a halt weeks or months ago, the FDA’s updated…

15 min Read 18 Jun, 2020

Clinical Operations Conference Roundup: 15 Events that Are Still Happening this Year

The clinical trial conference calendar was completely rocked this year with the efforts to stave…

Molly Bryant
Molly Bryant
7 min Read 9 Jun, 2020

4 Things to Do Now While Clinical Trials Are on Pause

While industry media are reporting that some clinical trials that had been paused are restarting,…

8 min Read 8 Jun, 2020

Interview: The People-First Approach to Success in Clinical Trials

We recently spoke with Carl Cook, Vice President of Clinical Operations at Black Diamond Therapeutics,…

4 min Read 4 Jun, 2020

Turning Conversation into Positive Change

Recent events have struck at the very soul of our nation. They demand nothing less…

4 min Read 27 May, 2020

How to Be Sure Your Team Understands Important Updates to your Clinical Trial

Your protocol has been amended. There’s been a key finding that requires a change in procedure.…

7 min Read 21 May, 2020

Contact Tracing: The Vital Importance of a Nationwide Commitment

For months, public health experts have shared a constant refrain, stating that widespread testing and…

6 min Read 7 May, 2020

It’s Time to Insist on Knowing More about Your Clinical Trial Operations

When discussing how they manage clinical trial staff, industry veterans have often told us that they get…

5 min Read 28 Apr, 2020

Making a Positive Impact During COVID-19

We have all witnessed the remarkable dedication of our first responders and healthcare workers as…

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5 min Read 7 Apr, 2020

Today’s New Reality in Clinical Trial Readiness

We’ve talked about clinical trial readiness repeatedly in this space. Probably we all, as an…

4 min Read 26 Mar, 2020

Our Collective Response to COVID-19

We are all finding ways personally and professionally to meet the challenge posed by COVID-19. …

7 min Read 25 Mar, 2020

Interview: One ClinOps Leader Tells His Story on Site Preparedness, and Offers the Industry Some Advice

We recently spoke with Kevin M. Crawford, head of clinical operations at Tenax Therapeutics, a specialty pharmaceutical company based…

5 min Read 16 Mar, 2020

We Can and Must Help #StopTheSpread

The threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is real and spreading. The most vulnerable among us (the…

5 min Read 13 Mar, 2020

Are You About to Launch a Clinical Trial? Pump Your Brakes.

As the coronavirus continues to spread and dominate the media, we are inundated with advice…

6 min Read 12 Mar, 2020

One Key Approach to Reducing Risk in Clinical Operations

There are many ways a clinical trial can go wrong: There might be delays in site identification, initiation, or…

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