Webinar: Transforming Study Start Up to Reduce Clinical Trial Site Burden

by Molly Bryant Sep 15 , 2021 3 min read

Clinical trials are more complex than ever.
And 85% of them are delayed.

More screening criteria, more procedures, new vendor systems and tools, and more data. So who bears the burden of all this progress? Sites.

Increased site burden means degraded performance, more delays, and more problems for you. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When a clinical trial is approaching, you have timelines to meet.

You probably have a CRO to onboard.

You have multiple systems to launch, IP to deliver, and sites to activate.

But as much as you may work, it’s your sites that are under the most pressure.
**They’re under increasing financial and resource constraints.
**Devoting enough time to your onsite visits is incredibly burdensome.
**Onsite work remains challenging with fears of the COVID delta variant’s uncertainty.
**Clinical trials are more complex than ever – not to mention your processes, protocol, and platforms.

And clinical trial sites are not created equal – so how can you help sites succeed so you can activate, screen, and enroll on time?

The truth is that there is a critical change you can make before your PI meeting or first SIV that can accelerate time to first patient enrolled and help you achieve your trial milestones while reducing the burden placed on your sites and your trial team.

And it doesn’t take extra effort or human power from your resources.

ArcheMedX is pleased to lead a webinar to discuss real clinical trial examples from emerging biotechs that will give you techniques to:

  • Simplify your approach to getting sites trained on your protocol and SOPs – earlier and with better results
  • Tailor your SIVs and remediation so every site you activate is ready to enroll – fast – and with less time and effort
  • Reduce the amount of hours you, your CRO, and your team spend by eliminating unnecessary travel, content development, and redundant site training

Register for the webinar here.

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