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Conversations in Clinical Trial Readiness: Kunal Sampat of Ceribell

by ArcheMedX Team Nov 17 , 2020 3 min read

Kunal Sampat joins Kelly Ritch, EVP of Product and Clinical Research Solutions at ArcheMedX, to discuss the changing landscape of clinical trial operations. An experienced Clinical Operations Director, Kunal shares his key learnings from 2020 and elaborates on some of the successes and challenges he’s seen this year. Industry stakeholders from CROs to site managers to sponsors will benefit from Kunal’s thoughtful advice and informed take on the current and future state of clinical operations.

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Kunal Sampat

Kunal Sampat is the Clinical Operations Director at Ceribell. He earned his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and computer science, and brings an enthusiasm for technology to his work. He has held positions in both clinical data management and project management over the course of his career. Through this experience, Kunal has developed a holistic understanding of clinical trial management and a strong belief in the value of teamwork and collaboration.

The passion for helping people that drove Kunal to a career in clinical research also compelled him to create a free resource for others in the field. Kunal founded and hosts his own podcast, Clinical Trial Podcast, in which he interviews industry experts and shares his wealth of knowledge.

Episode Highlights

  • Why it’s vital to adapt—during the pandemic and always.
  • Why clarity around workflow is critical to adaptation.
  • What sponsors and CROs can do to reduce the burden on their sites, and why it’s their responsibility.
  • How “making the sites our heroes” can help with patient recruitment.
  • The importance of creating ways for your sites to exchange information with each other.
  • How the CRA role is evolving.
  • How tech vendors can address the biggest obstacle to adoption.
  • Why video is the best tool for training and communication, and how to leverage it.
  • What the future of effective clinical operations will look like.
  • Kunal’s favorite resources for staying up-to-date.


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