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RESOURCE: The Third Hurdle to Flipping Your Class

Before a teacher flips, they must be convinced that there must be a better way than the didactic method of lecture, notes, test.  You can read more about this hurdle here.  The second hurdle is the technology hurdle.  Teachers must have the knowledge, training, and expertise to navigate the technology hurdle. 

RESOURCE: Homework & the Flipped Class

What about educators who don’t assign homework?  Can, and should, they still flip their classroom?  Of course!  Many teachers are creating instructional videos (or using other videos) and having students watch them during class time.  Instead of the whole class watching the videos together, students are watching them when they

MANUSCRIPT: Study Measures Benefits of a ‘Flipped’ Pharmacy Course

A study comparing traditional and “flipped” versions of a pharmacy-school course at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found that students much preferred the flipped course and got better grades on the final examination. The flipped course replaced in-class lectures with videos that the students watched before they

Flipped Classrooms in Medical Education: A Resource Kit for Starters

Over the past 18 months our team has been exploring innovations in medical education with a keen eye directed to the emergence of flipped classrooms. This has allowed me to collate, filter, and identify what I think might be the top 12 resources one might need to begin to grasp