Author: Joel Selzer

Are You Ready? 5 Essential Tips to Prepare for DIA

Since this is will be our first time exhibiting at DIA, we reached out to our friends and colleagues at various Sponsors, CROs, and other trial stakeholders for a little advice on how to ensure we would be ready. Here’s what they shared.

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1. Wear comfortable shoes and if your activities for the day require nicer footwear, bring comfortable shoes along anyway. If necessary, the convention first aid room always has blister band aids.

2. Bring a water bottle. There are multiple fill-up spots and staying hydrated is the way to go.

3. Share power with your peers. Bring a multi-device charging plug and share power-up spots whenever possible.

4. Try to set aside a little time before the end of each day to reflect and summarize your notes, discussions, and experiences. The days are fast and full and taking a few minutes can help make sure more of that information makes the trip home and positively impacts your work.

5. Set daily goals. For example, I will attend two sessions, demo 3 new platforms, and talk to 2 new service providers. The volume of sessions and sheer size of the exhibition hall can make it hard to feel productive. A plan and goals to keep the day on track can be helpful.

Are You Ready? 5 Spots to Eat and Drink During DIA

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Are You Ready for DIA 2019? San Diego has long been known for beaches, beer, and fish tacos, but now top quality restaurants are popping up across the city. Here are five of the best places to eat and drink during DIA 2019!

1. Tin Fish: Step right out the front doors of the Convention Center for some quick fish tacos

2. Nason’s Beer Hall: If you have a big group looking to unwind, this beer garden has plenty of space and lots of fun games for your team to blow off some steam

3. Seasons 52: Enjoy seasonal American fare, an extensive wine list, and a chance to explore Seaport Village

4. Herb and Wood: Little Italy is a happening area and this award-winning restaurant by celebrity Chef Brian Malarkey relies on high quality ingredients and their wood fire oven

5. Juniper & Ivy: Use that expense account and get your Top Chef fix with this modern American restaurant led by All-Stars winner Richard Blais

Are You Ready? 5 Activities to Experience at DIA

1. Sunday Social

Sunday, June 23 5:00 to 7:00pm: Network at Union Kitchen and Tap and enjoy 15% off on food. Don’t forget to bring your DIA badge!

2. CISCRP Medical Heroes Appreciation 5k

Monday, June 24 6:30 to 7:30am: The run/walk event celebrates the volunteers who give the gift of participation in clinical research and all proceeds go to support education and outreach programs.

3. Attend the Student Poster Session

Monday, June 24 10:00am to 6:00pm: Come engage with our future researchers! Hear their presentations, provide feedback, and engage in discussions with this talented group.

4. Consider a Community Round Table Discussion

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These sessions begin on Monday, June 24 and continue throughout Tuesday, June 25 and Wednesday June 26. Although many of these discussions will have a chair or speakers these offer a special opportunity for attendees to fully participate and engage in a free exchange of ideas among industry leaders from a variety of backgrounds and locations.

5. Get Some Fresh Air

Consider a short walk to Embarcadero Marina Park South. This waterfront public park features fishing piers, bike paths, basketball courts & a concession stand. Less than a half mile walk from the convention center via the Grand Stairway.

Are you Ready to meet ArcheMedX in the Innovators Hub at DIA?

The ArcheMedX team will be unveiling Ready and demonstrating the platform in the Innovators Hub (booth #2101) at the upcoming DIA Global Annual Meeting.

Ready analyzes unique behavioral data to inform clinical operations. The result? Risks are identified sooner, resources are more effectively deployed, and staff and sites perform better.

If you are in search of more innovative approaches to mitigating clinical trial risk, then don’t miss your chance to explore the Innovators Hub at DIA. Swing by the ArcheMedX booth (#2101) to see Ready in action (schedule a demo) and be entered to win a customized set of Away luggage (~$500 value).

Visit to learn more.

Digital tool aims to cut costs and risks of underperforming trials

ArcheMedX was recently featured in Pharmaforum

June 7, 2019 – By Richard Staines

ArcheMedx, which provides tech solutions for life sciences and healthcare, has launched a new digital service that aims to cut risks and costs associated with under-performing clinical trials.

The company will unveil the tool called Ready at this year’s Drug Information Association (DIA) annual meeting, which takes place in San Diego later this month.

According to the company based in Charlottesville, Virginia, the tool enables those running trials to evaluate and improve the preparedness of project teams and site personnel.

The tool analyses the behaviour of each participant as they engage in personalised learning experiences.

Insights delivered by the platform serve as an early warning detection system to identify risks sooner, ensure resources are more effectively deployed, and enhance staff and site performance.

Joel Selzer, CEO of ArcheMedX, said: “As the complexity and cost of clinical research increases, a key to reducing the risk of under-performing trials is ensuring the preparedness of staff and sites.”

“Ready arms clinical operation leaders with a powerful new tool to take action and mitigate trial risk and DIA is the perfect event to unveil its capabilities and expand our understanding of how the platform can better support contract research organisations (CROs), sponsors, and other trial stakeholders.”

In late 2017 the company said it closed $2.5 million in equity financing by early stage investors Jaffray Woodriff and Greyson Williams.

Earlier this week, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) warned that trials are being held back by outdated and outmoded recruitment eligibility criteria.

A study showed that relaxing three rules used to screen patients almost doubled the number of patients on a dummy lung cancer trial.

The research looked at the health records of 10,500 patients from 2011 to 2018 with advanced non-small cell lung cancer on ASCO’s cancer database.

New criteria would allow for brain metastases, previous or current cancer diagnoses, and creatine clearance levels as low as 30 millilitres per minute, which can indicate kidney damage or impaired function.

Introducing Ready to the Clinical Trials Industry

I am thrilled to announce the launch of Ready, our new operational intelligence and workforce readiness platform for the clinical trials industry. This is an exciting time for the ArcheMedX team, and we would like to thank all those who have supported our growth and evolution.

Ready enables clinical operations leaders to evaluate and improve the preparedness of project teams and site personnel by analyzing the behavior of each participant as they engage in personalized learning experiences. The specific and actionable insights delivered by the platform serve as an early warning detection system to identify risks sooner, ensure resources are more effectively deployed, and enhance staff and site performance.

Ready’s novel approach to generating operational intelligence and improving workforce readiness arms trial stakeholders with specific and actionable insights to assess and mitigate clinical trial risk.

If you are interested in learning more about Ready, please see our press release and new marketing site for the DIA Global Annual Meeting, where we are exhibiting in the Innovator’s Hub in booth #2101 June 23-27.

ArcheMedX to Reveal Ready, an Operational Intelligence and Workforce Readiness Platform, at DIA 2019 Global Annual Meeting

Charlottesville, VA, June 6, 2019 – ArcheMedX, the premier provider of operational intelligence and workforce readiness solutions for the life sciences and healthcare industries, is pleased to announce the launch of Ready, a new digital platform to reduce the risks and costs associated with underperforming clinical trials, at this year’s Drug Information Association Global Annual Meeting from June 23-27 in San Diego, CA.

Ready enables clinical operations leaders to evaluate and improve the preparedness of project teams and site personnel by analyzing the behavior of each participant as they engage in personalized learning experiences. The specific and actionable insights delivered by the platform serve as an early warning detection system to identify risks sooner, ensure resources are more effectively deployed, and enhance staff and site performance.

The ArcheMedX team will be demonstrating the Ready platform in the Innovators Hub at DIA Booth #2101. For more information on Ready or to sign up for a meeting at DIA, visit

“As the complexity and cost of clinical research increases, a key to reducing the risk of underperforming trials is ensuring the preparedness of staff and sites,” said Joel Selzer, CEO of ArcheMedX. “Ready arms clinical operation leaders with a powerful new tool to take action and mitigate trial risk and DIA is the perfect event to unveil its capabilities and expand our understanding of how the platform can better support CROs, Sponsors, and other trial stakeholders.”

The 2019 DIA Global Annual Meeting is designed to foster the international exchange of ideas to improve health globally through the advancement of lifesaving medicines and technologies. The event will host thousands of professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device communities from more than 50 countries around the globe and more than 400 exhibiting companies.

About ArcheMedX

ArcheMedX applies behavioral science to transform learning and generate actionable insights across the life sciences and healthcare industries. Ready, the company’s operational intelligence and workforce readiness platform, enables clinical research leaders to evaluate and improve the preparedness of project teams and site personnel and serves as an early warning detection system to reduce the risks and costs associated with underperforming clinical trials.

To learn more about our operational intelligence and workforce readiness solutions visit or follow ArcheMedX on LinkedIn.

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ArcheMedX Statement on Immigration Policies and Lasting Child Health Consequences

The past few weeks have been a trying time for our nation, and the recent actions taken against thousands of innocent children have been horrifying to watch. In response, the team at ArcheMedX has elected to speak out with one voice and to invest our time and resources to provide immediate assistance.

As parents and employees at a technology company that strives to improve the quality of patient care across this nation, we have become deeply concerned about the welfare of children forcibly separated from their parents at the US border. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), one of our esteemed healthcare partners, stated unequivocally last week, “We know that family separation causes irreparable harm to children. This type of highly stressful experience can disrupt the building of children’s brain architecture. Prolonged exposure to serious stress – known as toxic stress – can lead to lifelong health consequences.”

To address these significant health concerns, the ArcheMedX team has begun collaborating with our network of healthcare partners to develop and deliver free awareness and education programs to those working with children and families suffering from this trauma. As we did during the Zika outbreak and recent hurricanes; we are donating our time, money, and considerable energy to make a difference. If you are also committed to supporting these children, then please contact us today to discuss how we can collaborate (at no cost) to help address this humanitarian crisis.

Recognizing the lasting emotional, psychological, and physical health consequences these separation and child detention policies have caused (read the landmark CDC-Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study to understand why), we are adding our voice to that of the American Medical Association, American Nurses Association, American Psychological Association, National Academy of Sciences, American Academy of Pediatrics, and others to denounce the abhorrent policy of family separation and child detention.  Per AAP’s recent statement, “conditions in U.S. detention facilities, which include forcing children to sleep on cement floors, open toilets, constant light exposure, insufficient food and water, no bathing facilities, and extremely cold temperatures, are traumatizing for children. No child should ever have to endure these conditions.”

The healthcare industry continues to raise awareness of the very real and harmful health consequences these children face, and all of us must condemn the Administration’s ‘zero tolerance’ and family separation policies. Recent changes to how U.S. immigration policy is implemented, including the cruel and immoral actions of forcibly separating thousands of children from their parents at the U.S. southern border, should concern every American, regardless of political party or persuasion. This is about our basic decency and humanity as parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters. We must enshrine an unbreakable belief that every child should be treated with as much care and respect as we would wish for our own loved ones.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon every healthcare organization to call on Congress, the Administration, and all Americans to assist those already affected and all future children by taking these immediate actions:

  • reunify the separated children and families without delay;
  • reveal the location of centers/shelters and invite humanitarian groups and medical professionals to provide physical and mental care to those children and families who have been forcibly separated;
  • establish compassionate immigration policies that reflect the human rights of all people;
  • never again allow the forced separation of children from families at the border;
  • and if children must be detained, identify an alternative form of humane housing for the entire family

In these trying times, the ArcheMedX team is fortunate to call Charlottesville, VA home. As a community uniquely impacted by the toxicity and prejudice of last summer’s tragic events, we are acutely aware of how important it is for every community to unite in times of crisis. Thus, we have begun working with our fellow business and community leaders in Charlottesville to generate awareness of this urgent situation and to reaffirm the values of equality, compassion, and tolerance embraced across our incredible city and within our own refugee population.

We are a better nation and people than recent Administration policies would have the world believe, and now, more than ever, is the time that we should stand united and demonstrate those qualities that still make our country a shining beacon of hope.

Joel Selzer

CEO & Co-Founder

ArcheMedX, Inc.

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NAMEC Recognizes ACHL, ArcheMedX and Partners With 2017 ‘Best Practice in Collaboration Among CME Stakeholders’ Award

ACHL, Pro-ficiency, Simumetrix and ArcheMedX were recognized ​​for collaboration on The Evolution of Therapies for NSCLC: Navigating New Therapies & Counseling Patients in Clinical Decisions

The Academy of Continued Healthcare Learning (ACHL), Pro-ficiencySimumetrix and ArcheMedX have been recognized by The National Association of Medical Education Companies (NAMEC) for their innovative collaboration on The Evolution of Therapies for NSCLC: Navigating New Therapies & Counseling Patients in Clinical DecisionsThe collaborative initiative, which was supported by an educational grant from Genentech, was designed to disseminate professional and patient education in the most comprehensive, measurable and engaging way possible.

The clinician education was developed by ACHL, produced in collaboration with Simumetrix, and then designed, delivered and assessed within the ArcheViewer, an award-winning digital learning and insights platform pioneered by ArcheMedX. The patient education was delivered via Pro-ficiency’s ProPatient platform, designed to help bridge the communication gap between clinicians and patients while providing an educational resource developed specifically for the patient and/or caregiver. The initiative launched on June 30, 2016, and was available for CME credit through June 30, 2017.

“Leveraging the ArcheMedX platform enabled ACHL to deliver a more engaging and impactful educational experience for each clinician learner,” said Lisa Keckich, executive director at ACHL. “By utilizing the ArcheViewer and working closely with the ArcheMedX team, we were able to ensure that content was dynamic and agile and that lessons drove learning, increased competency and improved clinician performance. ”Since launching the educational initiative, thousands of lung cancer clinicians and patients have enhanced their personalized approaches to care and simplified important challenges related to diagnosis and treatment. Data from the initiative also demonstrated that patients better understood their disease and felt more confident to self-advocate with their clinical care team. These results would not have been possible without all parties successfully collaborating from conceptualization through launch.

For more information about The Evolution of Therapies for NSCLC: Navigating New Therapies & Counseling Patients in Clinical Decisionsplease download the case study here:  

About ArcheMedX

ArcheMedX is a healthcare informatics and e-learning technology company that is transforming online education and training through a data-driven approach to learning. By leveraging nearly five decades of cognitive science and years of applied behavioral research, the ArcheMedX team developed an award-winning digital training and insights platform that enables healthcare educators to design, deliver and assess more agile and effective online learning experiences.

ArcheMedX currently partners with dozens of healthcare organizations to power and analyze hundreds of digital learning experiences available across dozens of clinical areas. Learners who participate in ArcheMedX-powered education have been found to improve their knowledge and competence at a level four-to-six times greater than traditional online education. To learn more, visit

About ACHL

ACHL is an award-winning provider of continuing medical education programs. Its mission is to design, develop and implement quality continuing education activities that have a positive influence on the way healthcare is practiced and, ultimately, to improve the quality of care provided to patients.

About ProPatient

ProPatient, a product of Pro-ficiency, is a patient-focused, online educational platform that utilizes interactive video and engaging simulation to provide patients with the opportunity to ask questions of a virtual clinician and role-play different scenarios to test their skills. The ProPatient mobile app is the companion app for doctor visits, reminding patients of the questions they should be asking during their doctor visits and providing checklists of items to consider in the event of a health condition or crisis.

About Simumetrix

Simumetrix creates a rich, educational experience incorporating compelling, entertaining and highly relevant content encompassing adult learning theory customized to meet corporate needs. We work directly with our clients to create client-branded training environments tailored specifically to learning needs, including those for clinicians, clinical support staff, corporate personnel and those needing compliance training. Simumetrix’s approaches to training and learning gain effectiveness from a combination of entertainment, adult learning theory and quantitative and qualitative approaches to retain attention so as to educate and identify known and unknown strengths and weaknesses of learners.

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Watching Our Educational Partners Succeed: Agile Design Made Easy

In the four years since the launch of the ArcheMedX platform and the introduction of the Learning Actions Model we have continually demonstrated how more effective education (with greater data utilization) can lead to significantly improved outcomes over traditional forms of online medical education.

In addition to the extensive bench marking data that demonstrate how the learning actions model is so effective, we love asking our education partners why they have been so successful using the ArcheMedX platform.  Over the next few blog posts we will highlight more of these success stories to help illustrate the outcomes our partners are achieving by partnering with ArcheMedX.

Introducing Antidote Education Company…

Antidote Education Company has been powering their Activities with the ArcheMedX platform for several years now, with more than 3,200 learners completing Activities across multiple Initiatives.  Working with the ArcheMedX team, Antidote has taken advantage of the platform’s ability to deliver an agile educational design within the ArcheViewer that not only creates a more effective learning experience and improves overall outcomes but makes it much easier to demonstrate success and identify additional unmet learner needs.  To better understand Antidote’s experience and achievements, let’s look a little deeper at one set of initiatives.

In 2015 the Antidote team launched New Horizons: Effective Management of Acute Heart Failure.  While the initial launch demonstrated initial success in-line with historical benchmarks, Matt Fleming, Vice President at Antidote Education Company, thought that key data generated from the Activities revealed an opportunity to enhance the interventions by making simple changes through the platform’s agile tools.  “Learners were missing a key point of the education and incorrectly answering part of the activity assessment,” says Matt.  Using the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA), Matt added several targeted learning moments including educator notes and a new poll question to clarify and augment the learning experience.  These changes resulted in improved outcomes and provided critical, actionable data for future initiatives.

For the next initiative, Matt and the team at Antidote leveraged data and insights from the initial education to inform the needs assessment, creating a clear and concise picture of the need for additional education in heart failure.  That educational initiative, The Beat Goes On: Emergency Treatment of Acute Decompensating Heart Failure, was successfully funded and launched in 2017 and again, Matt and his team utilized an agile educational design and the framework of PDSA to structure changes based on formative data generated by the Activities.  Once again, the ability to quickly and easily make changes in the content and the various learning moments within the Activities showed welcome improvements in overall educational outcomes.

“Our relationship with the ArcheMedX team has been a true partnership”, says Matt.  “The ability to utilize agile design and development, to understand what is and is not working, in real-time, and to effectively make modifications in our education to improve the overall outcomes, has been a crucial element in our success with the ArcheMedX platform: something that we have been unable to do with other educational platforms.  And the ArcheMedX team has been tremendous.  They are always willing to apply their depth of expertise in solving any problem.  They truly want us to be successful.”

Congratulations to Matt and the Antidote team on their agile approach to delivering more effective education that allows greater data utilization and, ultimately, improved learner outcomes.

If you would like to hear more about the use of agile educational design, join Matt Fleming from Antidote and Michelle Tyner from ArcheMedX for an upcoming webinar:


Agile Continuing Education in Action: A Case Study

Thursday December 7th


1:00pm Eastern

Register for Webinar by Clicking This Link


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