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MANUSCRIPT: Vodcasts and Active-Learning Exercises in a “Flipped Classroom” Model of a Renal Pharmacotherapy Module

Abstract Objective. To implement a “flipped classroom” model for a renal pharmacotherapy topic module and assess the impact on pharmacy students’ performance and attitudes. Design. Students viewed vodcasts (video podcasts) of lectures prior to the scheduled class and then discussed interactive cases of patients with end-stage renal disease in class. A process-oriented


In this investigation, the effect of the flipped classroom and associated differentiation was studied to measure the impact on student achievement and student stress levels. For the second semester of their senior year, students watched video lectures outside of class and completed assignments during class time. Students reported lower stress

RESOURCE: San Jose State U. Says Replacing Live Lectures With Videos Increased Test Scores – Wired Campus – The Chronicle of Higher Education

The 85 students in the flipped course at San Jose State watched the edX lecture videos at home and attended class twice a week to practice what they had learned and ask questions. Two other sections of students took a traditional version of the course. The midterm-examination scores of students in

RESOURCE: Gathering Evidence that Flipping the Classroom can Enhance Learning Outcomes | Emerging Education Technology

Three universities provide empirical evidence supporting the potential for ‘the flip’ to make a measurable difference in engagement and learning. As an advocate of the potential of the flipped classroom, it’s rewarding and encouraging when student and teacher feedback supports the benefits of this approach, and this happens quite often. However,

RESOURCE: 6 Expert Tips for Flipping the Classroom — Campus Technology

Three leaders in flipped classroom instruction share their best practices for creating a classroom experience guaranteed to inspire lifelong learning. "If you were to step into one of my classrooms, you'd think I was teaching a kindergarten class, not a physics class," laughs Harvard University (MA) professor Eric Mazur. "Not because the students

RESOURCE: Using the “flipped classroom” model to re-imagine medical education | Scope Blog

In this recently posted video, Charles Prober, MD, co-author of the paper and senior associate dean for medical education at the School of Medicine, medical school colleagues and Silicon Valley-based online learning pioneer Salman “Sal” Khan discuss this vision for a new medical curriculum.   via Using the “flipped classroom” model to