3 min Read 1 Mar, 2022

Decentralized trials (DCTs) at Risk, or Ready?

It should come as little surprise that the rise in decentralized trials (DCTs) and increase in study complexities have magnified performance demands across clinical trial…

ArcheMedX Team
ArcheMedX Team

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16 min Read 11 Aug, 2020

Running a Virtual Investigator Meeting in 4 Steps

Imagine saying this in 2019: “We’re planning a virtual investigator meeting.” That simple statement would…

ArcheMedX Team
ArcheMedX Team
11 min Read 11 Aug, 2020

Interview: Start-Up Phase is a Prime Target for Virtual Activities in Clinical Trials, So Let’s Adapt

We recently spoke with Mike McLaughlin, Associate Director, Clinical Operations at Dermavant Sciences Inc., a…

13 min Read 31 Jul, 2020

Guessing could be adding 7 months of clinical trial delays. Here’s how to stop.

Getting new treatments approved has never been harder, but recent research reveals that the regulatory…

ArcheMedX Team
ArcheMedX Team
15 min Read 22 Jul, 2020

Can a Remote Investigator Meeting Be Effective? Yes, and Here’s How

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the principal investigator (PI) meeting was a non-debatable necessity in…

4 min Read 17 Jul, 2020

Infographic: The Impact of Clinical Trial Readiness on Trial Team Performance

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ArcheMedX Team
ArcheMedX Team
14 min Read 14 Jul, 2020

5 Places in Clinical Trials Where You Should Be Digital Now

Until the recent changes forced upon our industry by COVID-19, clinical research has been anything…

ArcheMedX Team
ArcheMedX Team
15 min Read 13 Jul, 2020

3 Metrics You Need to Add to Your Clinical Trial Site Selection Checklist

When you're checking off items from your clinical trial site selection checklist, you or your…

ArcheMedX Team
ArcheMedX Team
5 min Read 7 Jul, 2020

7 Areas That Should Be Optimized to Achieve Clinical Trial Readiness

The following is an excerpt from our ebook “The Definitive Guide to Clinical Trial Readiness.”…

11 min Read 1 Jul, 2020

Interview: Adopting Consumer Tech in Clinical Trials Will Pave the Way for Hybrid and Virtual Trials

We recently spoke with Kemi Olugemo, M.D., Executive Medical Director, Neurology Clinical Development at Akcea…

5 min Read 1 Jul, 2020

Why Does Clinical Trial Readiness Matter, and How is it Used to Improve Performance?

The following is an excerpt from our ebook “The Definitive Guide to Clinical Trial Readiness.”…

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3 min Read 29 Jun, 2020

ArcheMedX Stands with Those Advancing True, Meaningful Equality for All

Despite the world’s emotions and attention being pulled in varying directions due to the ongoing…

3 min Read 29 Jun, 2020

What Is Clinical Trial Readiness?

The following is an excerpt from our ebook “The Definitive Guide to Clinical Trial Readiness.”…

12 min Read 26 Jun, 2020

Interview: COVID-19 Has Forced Clinical Research to Innovate, but We Must Do More

We recently spoke with Mark Shapiro, Partner at Pharma Initiatives, a specialty consultancy focused on…

8 min Read 22 Jun, 2020

FDA’s Latest Guidance for Clinical Trials: What You Need to Know Now

With many clinical trials grinding to a halt weeks or months ago, the FDA’s updated…

7 min Read 9 Jun, 2020

4 Things to Do Now While Clinical Trials Are on Pause

While industry media are reporting that some clinical trials that had been paused are restarting,…

8 min Read 8 Jun, 2020

Interview: The People-First Approach to Success in Clinical Trials

We recently spoke with Carl Cook, Vice President of Clinical Operations at Black Diamond Therapeutics,…

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