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Author: ArcheMedX Team

ArcheMedX To Present New Findings & Clinical Trial Innovations At The CNS Summit

Analyses of 42,656 clinician learners across 69 CNS-related educational activities reveals clinicians may be unprepared to effectively conduct clinical trials

Charlottesville, VA (PRWeb) November 16, 2022

ArcheMedX, the leading provider of clinician readiness solutions for the life sciences and healthcare industries, today announced the Company’s expanded participation at the CNS Summit taking place November 17th-20th in Boca Raton, Florida.

The Company will present highly anticipated new findings on “The State of CNS Clinician Readiness” at this year’s CNS Summit revealing the educational needs of clinicians treating patients and conducting clinical research across CNS-related conditions. ArcheMedX will also showcase how trial sponsors and CROs are deploying Ready, the Company’s innovative learning and predictive analytics platform to streamline study startup and optimize clinical trial delivery.

The 2022 edition of “The State of CNS Clinician Readiness” findings examine how many of the challenges in conducting more complex CNS-related studies are rooted in underlying process inefficiencies, performance challenges, and training gaps. The report reveals critical insights from analyses of learner data generated by 42,626 clinicians researching and treating neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Migraine, MDD, MS, and Bipolar/Schizophrenia.

The data, analyzed across professions and clinical areas, demonstrate that more than 80% of clinicians are not adequately prepared to formulate a differential diagnosis, develop individualized treatment plans, or navigate the complexity of CNS care teams to provide appropriate treatment.

These variations in clinician mastery and deficiencies in readiness may delay patient enrollment, increase clinical trial costs, and worsen healthcare outcomes in clinical trials conducted across neurological disorders. Trial risks such as these can be reduced by delivering more tailored and effective study training that improves readiness across key research and treatment objectives.

Fortunately, the same 42,626 clinician learners demonstrated significant increases in mastery after completing more tailored and effective on-demand training powered by the Ready platform. The ArcheMedX team will present detailed findings at the CNS Summit during Friday’s Poster Session (poster #6) and Saturday’s Innovation Showcase at 2:30pm.

Visit to connect with the ArcheMedX team at the CNS Summit.

Download an advanced copy of “The State of CNS Clinician Readiness” report today and learn more about the Ready platform at

About ArcheMedX

ArcheMedX predicts and improves team and clinician performance, delivering better clinical trials and faster clinical adoption for 21 of the top 25 pharmaceutical firms, emerging biotechs, and nationally recognized healthcare organizations. To learn more about the industry’s leading behavioral learning and predictive analytics platform, Ready, and its impact across clinical operations, medical affairs, and patient care, visit or follow ArcheMedX on LinkedIn.

ArcheMedX Releases New Oncology Findings Ahead Of ESMO Congress Revealing Clinician Readiness

2021 was a historic year in the battle to defeat cancer.  

More novel cancer treatments became available than ever before with the number of Oncology specific clinical trials also reaching an all-time high, up 56% from 2016 and mostly focused on rare cancer indications.

With global spending on Oncology expected to exceed $300 billion by 2026, the collective investment in new medicines and diagnostics is improving clinical outcomes for millions of patients. Yet, while the pace of investment increases the industry continues to struggle against lengthy R&D timelines.

On-going efforts to streamline the clinical development process advanced throughout the pandemic, but the conduct of clinical research still faces considerable challenges.  The growing complexity of trials and increasing administrative burdens in maintaining an effectively trained workforce, especially in Oncology, have been magnified by an acute resource shortage across the clinical research workforce.

Some in the industry see increased eClinical tool adoption as the solution, however, the most recent Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) annual survey reveals that technology is adding an average of 17.5 hours in training per study per site per month at a time that study sites are already understaffed. Coupled with the continued rise in trial complexity as tracked by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, the IQVIA Institute’s Global Oncology Trends 2022 Report reveals that  Oncology had one of the lowest composite success rates among all therapy areas in 2021.

The IQVIA Institute found that research focused on early cancers is challenging because patients are rarely diagnosed early enough to be enrolled in an available study. This recruitment challenge plays a role in the additional complexity and longer study durations Oncology trials have compared to other disease areas, particularly as most Oncology trials are focused on rare cancers today, with two-thirds of trial starts over the last decade targeting developing these novel treatments.

The current approach to equipping clinicians researching and adopting these evolving therapies relies on outdated methods. 

Many of the challenges involved in screening and enrolling cancer patients and conducting more complex rare cancer studies cannot be solved solely by technology advancements found in emerging decentralized trials (DCTs), rather they are rooted in underlying performance deficiencies and training gaps.  The more complex the study or treatment, the better prepared the study team and clinicians must be.

ArcheMedX has demonstrated a more efficient and effective performance improvement model with major Oncology players, including Astellas, BMS, Daichi-Sankyo, Genentech, Regeneron and others to assess and train over 5,500 clinicians on their emerging therapies and treatments.

And as the annual ESMO Congress approaches this week, the ArcheMedX team has released highly anticipated new findings about how important effective training is for medical professionals researching and treating patients in Oncology.  

In assessing 5,500+ clinicians treating Oncology conditions as they engaged in on-demand activities powered by Ready, the ArcheMedX platform identified that over 95% lacked knowledge and confidence in critical competencies before completing more tailored training. Assessment data revealed these clinicians did not demonstrate sufficient proficiency to make good decisions in these emerging areas of Oncology research and practice.


Only 5% of clinicians researching and treating Oncology conditions demonstrated sufficient proficiency to make good diagnosis and treatment decisions. 

95% of Oncology clinicians need more tailored training on emerging therapies

These data revealed a surprising number of clinicians were not adequately prepared to genetically test cancer patients, screen them for early studies, and lacked the knowledge and confidence to choose the right treatment plan.

These risks can be reduced by delivering more tailored and impactful education that improves readiness across key research and treatment objectives. Fortunately, these clinicians demonstrated a significant increase in their knowledge and confidence after participating in personalized and highly engaging online training Activities powered by Ready with content provided by Oncology trial sponsors and accredited medical educators.

Clinicians increased their mastery of key learning objectives by more than 8x using Ready by ArcheMedX.

Using Ready to deliver Oncology content improves clinician capabilities 

By engaging in more effective on-demand training powered by the Ready platform, clinicians increased their mastery of key learning objectives by more than 400%.  In one of many examples, they were now 80% more confident in leveraging genetic testing.

Ready achieves this performance impact by:

  • Transforming content (i.e., protocols, study documents, or training materials) into interactive and tailored learning experiences.
  • Analyzing clinician engagement and behavior as they learn.
  • Measuring changes in learner behavior, knowledge, and confidence.
  • Delivering targeted remediation to clinicians on-demand.
  • Assessing clinician readiness – to predict and improve clinical performance.

More details about the findings are available for download now  or you can request a one-on-one discussion to review these findings in more detail and explore Ready’s capabilities.

ArcheMedX Achieves Data Milestone Modeling Over 25 Million Learning Behaviors

ArcheMedX, a behavioral science-based learning company providing a smarter way to predict and improve clinical team performance, recently passed a significant data milestone.

PRWeb – Charlottesville, VA March 24, 2022

Today, the Company announced its clinician learning and predictive analytics platform, Ready, has now surpassed more than 25 million essential learning behaviors informing its predictive performance models. These models have enabled more than 50 pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, clinical research organizations, and healthcare systems to improve how clinical research professionals and healthcare providers conduct more efficient clinical trials and deliver better care for millions of patients.

“I am incredibly proud of our team and Ready’s growing impact. The predictive performance insights we provide leading healthcare and life science organizations are helping them to optimize the clinical trial process and accelerate the broader adoption of life saving treatments”, said Joel Selzer, co-founder and CEO of ArcheMedX.

ArcheMedX employs a unique behavioral algorithm that measures and models how individuals consume and engage in more interactive learning experiences delivered through the platform. The platform then distills these behavioral data to predict the readiness of staff, teams, and sites to conduct a complex clinical study or to more effectively diagnose and treat a patient with a specific condition.

Added Dr. Brian McGowan, co-founder and Chief Learning Officer at ArcheMedX, “Surpassing 25 million behaviors enables us to broaden our behavioral models, advance our predictive algorithms, and most importantly, accelerate the success of our clinical research partners. It’s a big milestone for ArcheMedX, our partners, and patient care!”

Industry leaders such as Astella, AstraZeneca, Genentech, Merck, Novartis, Otsuka, Regeneron, and Takeda have benefited from the educational impact and behavioral insights Ready provides across dozens of therapeutic areas, including the Company’s recent analysis of 12,000+ clinicians treating CNS conditions. Similar behavioral insights are utilized by global clinical research organizations, such as PRA Health Sciences (now ICON), and an increasing number of trial sponsors to improve team performance and optimize study startup activities.

With Ready, trial sponsors and CROs are accelerating enrollment and preventing downstream risks and delays. Clinical trial leaders are utilizing Ready today to transform site selection and site initiation by predicting and improving the performance of their decentralized trial teams and traditional study sites. As PIs, CRAs, and coordinators consume essential study documents (i.e., protocols, laboratory manuals, etc) and video-based training materials on-demand, Ready predicts their ability to perform their role and provides trial leaders real-time insight to inform faster operational decisions far earlier in the study.

About ArcheMedX

ArcheMedX enables life sciences and healthcare organizations to better equip, evaluate, and predict team and clinician performance, in order to accelerate the development and adoption of new clinical treatments and best practices. Ready by ArcheMedX is an industry leading solution that provides a smarter way to predict and improve clinical team performance. The platform applies behavioral science to enhance how clinicians and trial team members will apply knowledge and skills in real-world scenarios. Ready then analyzes unique behavioral indicators to reveal areas of readiness and potential risk.

To learn more about our readiness solutions across clinical operations, commercial programs, and medical education, visit or follow ArcheMedX on LinkedIn.

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Decentralized trials (DCTs) at Risk, or Ready?

It should come as little surprise that the rise in decentralized trials (DCTs) and increase in study complexities have magnified performance demands across clinical trial teams.

A recent survey by Ernst & Young found 50% of clinical trials will be hybrid or decentralized by 2024. This is welcome news for sponsors and especially patients as DCTs increase patient access and diversity. However, it also means more far reaching, differentiated tertiary endpoints to manage, monitor, train, and evaluate. Together, these changes increase the operational complexity and risk profile of future studies.

Home health staff, caregivers, and patients are now playing more active roles across the study. They are being asked to conduct new procedures and capture more data. This too magnifies risks. Why? PIs at individual sites no longer provide the same level of oversight and environmental control.  

For Sponsors and CROs, preparing traditional sites and decentralized teams in a timely, effectively trained, and measurable manner has become a mission critical and increasingly difficult task. As a result, of the roughly 401,898 globally registered clinical studies currently in process, more than 90% will miss key milestones. Even worse, thousands will ultimately fail to meet primary endpoints due to the operational complexity and costly delays that could have been avoided.

Many of the challenges that lead to these delays could be identified far sooner and prevented. To more effectively manage the increased complexity, trial teams must identify the most likely risk areas before patients are enrolled and implement proactive strategies to address them. Thankfully, a growing number of trial sponsors are taking these steps.

The latest ArcheMedX White Paper: DCTs at Risk, or Ready? Assessing the Risks and Readiness of your next Clinical Trial explores these challenges and provides specific guidance for trial sponsors to mitigate risks as they advance clinical research in new and innovative ways.

Click here to download the DCTs at Risk, or Ready White Paper