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Dye – A Qualitative and Quantitative Inquiry into the Learner Engagement Construct

Outcomes/Measurement | Learning ScienceCME ProfessionBehavioral Science | Cognitive Psychology

The present study seeks to develop a situated construct of learner engagement within an instructional experience. Despite compelling potential benefits to instructional practice, extant learner engagement research has been limited to either within-the learner constructs or adding a simplistic behavioral component to a model and largely discounting the effects of diverse learning environments, instructional techniques and educational technology, and their collective effects on the learner’s attitudes, behaviors, perceptions, and performance while learning. The present study seeks to develop a construct of learner engagement applying a situated cognition theoretical framework to evaluate the effects of diverse learning environments on the learning experience by addressing the perceived dimensions and characteristics of learner engagement and developing a model of latent learner engagement construct using a learner-environment interaction as the unit of analysis.

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