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The Learning Guild – Dye’s Learner Engagement and Structural Outcomes

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“Engagement” is a popular word in L&D, typically used with vague definition and rationale for its importance. Dye sought to establish better definition of the idea of learner engagement, explore the relationship of learner to learning environment, and identify dimensions and characteristics of engagement. Among the findings particularly relevant to our readership were isolation of three dimensions of learner engagement: affective, cognitive, and situational. Moreover, data consistently supported the idea that learner engagement was not fixed throughout a learning experience, but rather changed—often quite quickly, both as a consequence of the learner and the environment. There’s also interesting conversation around the definition of “outcome” and whether that is some summative final examination at course end, or in the broader application of new learning. This report culminates in some findings regarding mandatory v. voluntary learning experiences, and tips for facilitators working in the virtual classroom environment.

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