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ABSTRACT: Knowledge and usability of a trauma training system for general surgery residents.

Abstract BACKGROUND:Resident work-hour restrictions challenge educators to supplement residents surgical education. We evaluated a computer-based trauma surgery systems ability to increase residents surgical knowledge.METHODS:Modules on thoracic and abdominal surgical approaches were evaluated. Surgical residents with 1 or more years of experience completed the pretest, an interactive module, the post-test, and a

RESOURCE: Coursera forced to call off a MOOC amid complaints about the course

Maybe it was inevitable that one of the new massive open online courses would crash. After all, MOOCs are being launched with considerable speed, not to mention hype. But MOOC advocates might have preferred the collapse of a course other than the one that was suspended this weekend, one week

STORIFY: Online and open access learning in HE: MOOCs, new pedagogies and business models #ldnMOOCS

This one day seminar was intended for senior managers and policy makers in higher education, as well as other stakeholders and innovators in both the public and private sectors. It promised to: take a critical look at the critical surge of online and open access higher education in the US, as

RESOURCE: Teaching with Twitter: how the social network can contribute to learning

The important question to ask regarding e-learning is: What does an online space make possible by way of teaching that my class couldn't do face-to-face? One effective answer to this is that online spaces allow students to role play and inhabit characters in a way that would be a rather

RESOURCE: The Best Assessment Tools for the Online Classroom

This article will discuss some practical methods, which have been empirically tested and experimented both in the classroom and in "distance" delivery. New methods, which are either low cost or no cost for the instructor or end-user, will also be discussed. Some of these are already known as Web 2.0

RESOURCE: How NOT to Design a MOOC: The Disaster at Coursera and How to Fix it | online learning insights

How to Prevent Group Work from Going Haywire Creating and facilitating group activities in small online classes, (under forty students) can be exceptionally effective in creating meaningful learning experiences, and supportive of the social dimension, which contributes to the building of a positive and effective online learning community.  I’ve written several

MANUSCRIPT: Enabling Problem Based Learning through Web 2.0 Technologies: PBL 2.0

ABSTRACT Advances in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), particularly the so-called Web 2.0, are affecting all aspects of our life: How we communicate, how we shop, how we socialise, how we learn. Facilitating learning through the use of ICT, also known as eLearning, is a vital part of modern educational systems. Established pedagogical strategies,

ABSTRACT: The application of wiki technology in medical education, Medical Teacher, Informa Healthcare

Background, aims and methods: Recent years have seen the introduction of web-based technologies such as the ‘wiki’, which is a webpage whose content can be edited in real time using a web browser. This article reviews the current state of knowledge about the use of wikis in education, and considers

MANUSCRIPT: Creativity, Self-Directed Learning and the Architecture of Technology Rich Environments

So, how do institutions and designers develop environments that support self-directed learning? A majority of current research focuses on internal characteristics of self-directed learners. Yet gradually, we are  beginning to understand that external factors have an impact as well. Guglielmino (1977) noted that certain learning contexts are more effective at promoting self-directed learning. Learning environments that use technology in meaningful ways may