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RESOURCE: The Future Of Education Eliminates The Classroom, Because The World Is Your Class

We are moving away from the model in which learning is organized around stable, usually hierarchical institutions (schools, colleges, universities) that, for better and worse, have served as the main gateways to education and social mobility. Replacing that model is a new system in which learning is best conceived of

RESOURCE: Online Learning and the Future of Residential Education | March 3-4, 2013 | Video

The Summit Program Committee recommends the following reading in advance of the event. "The Particle Accelerator of Learning” (Inside Higher Ed, Peter Stokes, February 22, 2013) "Four Professors Discuss Teaching Free Online Courses for Thousands of Students" (The Chronicle of Higher Education, Jeffrey Young, June 11, 2012) "What We're Learning from Online Education"

MANUSCRIPT: A student authored online medical education textbook: editing patterns and content evaluation of a medical student wiki.

Abstract The University of Minnesota medical student wiki (UMMedWiki) allows students to collaboratively edit classroom notes to support medical education. Since 2007, UMMedWiki has grown to include 1,591 articles that have collectively received 1.2 million pageviews. Although small-scale wikis have become increasingly important, little is known about their dynamics compared to

ABSTRACT: Asynchronous discussion: a comparison of larger and smaller discussion group size.

Abstract AIM: To explore the effect of size and strategy on asynchronous discussions (AD) in a small baccalaureate nursing program. BACKGROUND: As the prevalence of e-learning increases in nursing education, the use of AD as a learning strategy will increase. Because the AD can be engaging, group size should be considered to enhance learning. METHOD: Descriptive,

ABSTRACT: Incorporating iPads into a preclinical curriculum: A pilot study.

Abstract Background: The incorporation of technology into medical education is critical for learners. Little is known about the effect of integrating iPad technology into undergraduate medical education. Aims: We introduced iPads into the first-year curriculum in 2011-2012. We aimed to evaluate students' use of, and attitudes toward, the iPad. Methods: We

MANUSCRIPT: Short- and long-term transfer of urethral catheterization skills from simulation training to performance on patients

Background Inexperienced interns are responsible for most iatrogenic complications after urethral catheterization (UC). Although training on simulators is common, little is known about the transfer of learned skills to real clinical practice. This study aimed to evaluate the short- and long-term effects of UC simulated skills training on performance on real

MANUSCRIPT: Computer game-based and traditional learning method: a comparison regarding students’ knowledge retention

Results Students that received the game-based method performed better in the pos-test assessment only when considering the Anatomy questions section. Students that received the traditional lecture performed better in both post-test and long-term post-test when considering the Anatomy and Physiology questions. Conclusions The game-based learning method is comparable to the traditional learning method in general and in

RESOURCE: Professors Say Technology Helps in Logistics, Not Learning

...the report suggests, technology is more often used by professors for managerial reasons, such as to help with the demands of growing class sizes. While Mr. Johnson said most college administrators are not yet requiring professors to use instructional technologies, the pressure of teaching more than 300 students at once,

RESOURCE: ‘Social reading’ the next phase of e-book revolution

According to Bob Stein, a digital pioneer, the future of books is "social reading." Digital booksellers, like Amazon and Indigo, have harnessed social media from the start. They and other sellers encourage their customers to comment on books in company-controlled chat spaces. But these digital walled gardens are way too limited for