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ABSTRACT: Social media for lifelong learning

Learning is ongoing, and can be considered a social activity. In this paper we aim to provide a review of the use of social media for lifelong learning. We start by defining lifelong learning, drawing upon principles of continuous professional development and adult learning theory. We searched Embase and MEDLINE

ABSTRACT: Social media, medicine and the modern journal club

Medical media is changing along with the rest of the media landscape. One of the more interesting ways that medical media is evolving is the increased role of social media in medical media's creation, curation and distribution. Twitter, a microblogging site, has become a central hub for finding, vetting, and

ABSTRACT: Globalization of Continuing Professional Development by Journal Clubs via Microblogging: A Systematic Review. – PubMed – NCBI

BACKGROUND: Journal clubs are an essential tool in promoting clinical evidence-based medical education to all medical and allied health professionals. Twitter represents a public, microblogging forum that can facilitate traditional journal club requirements, while also reaching a global audience, and participation for discussion with study authors and colleagues. OBJECTIVE: The aim of the

ABSTRACT: Social media and dentistry: some reflections on e-professionalism.

The proliferation of digital technology is impacting on the training and development of healthcare professionals. Research on the online behaviour of medical and pharmacy students indicates that social media poses a number of risks to the professional practice of healthcare professionals. General Dental Council guidelines on the use of social

RESOURCE: 5 Minutes With…Brian McGowan | CMEPALOOZA

First up this week in our “5 Minutes With…” series is Brian McGowan, PhD, Chief Learning Officer & Co-Founder at ArcheMedX, Inc. ArcheMedX is one of our gold-level sponsors, and they are sponsoring the lunchtime panel session Brian has put together on Data-Driven and Agile Educational Design: Ensuring Your Courses Intelligently Evolve.

RESOURCE: Emerging Market Medical Education Goes Digital

A shortage of skilled health workers is an acute and ongoing problem in many emerging markets. Weak medical education systems bear a major part of the blame. But a big opportunity for rapid progress has emerged as online medical education becomes increasingly common. Doctors and nurses in even the poorest

RESOURCE: Using Learning Analytics To Improve Content Authoring

Why You Should Use Learning Analytics To Improve Content Authoring As technology progresses, today’s learners expect more than ‘click next’ e-learning. With more options than ever before available to instructional designers and authoring tools boasting increasingly advanced capabilities, we are able to create our most sophisticated, effective e-learning content yet. With a growing

RESOURCE: Using Active Learning More Important than Flipping the Classroom

An active learning approach produces the same student learning outcomes in both flipped and nonflipped classrooms, according to new research from Brigham Young University (BYU).In the flipped classroom model, students watch video lectures outside of class time and participate in active learning activities during class time. The approach has been