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ABSTRACT: Building capacity for education research among clinical educators in the health professions

BACKGROUND/PURPOSE: There is a growing desire for health professions educators to generate high-quality education research; yet, few of them encounter the training to do so. In response, health professions faculties have increasingly been devoting resources to provide members with the skills necessary for education research. The form and impact of these

ABSTRACT: Exploring patterns and pattern languages of medical education.

CONTEXT: The practices and concepts of medical education are often treated as global constants even though they can take many forms depending on the contexts in which they are realised. This represents challenges in presenting and appraising medical education research, as well as in translating practices and concepts between different contexts.

ASTRACT: Key considerations for the success of Medical Education Research and Innovation units in Canada

Growth in the field of medical education is evidenced by the proliferation of units dedicated to advancing Medical Education Research and Innovation (MERI). While a review of the literature discovered narrative accounts of MERI unit development, we found no systematic examinations of the dimensions of and structures that facilitate the

ABSTRACT: Encouraging new doctors to do medical education research

Background:  An academic foundation programme in medical education may allow junior medical trainees to gain experience in teaching and medical education research. After 2 years, three trainees will have completed the programme, and three more will be halfway through it. The authors explore problems encountered and how trainees maximised their experience,

MANUSCRIPT: Limitations of poster presentations reporting educational innovations at a major international medical education conference.

Background: In most areas of medical research, the label of 'quality' is associated with well-accepted standards. Whilst its interpretation in the field of medical education is contentious, there is agreement on the key elements required when reporting novel teaching strategies. We set out to assess if these features had been