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eLearning Head-to-Head Trial Results

  This comparative analysis revealed that clinician learners who participated in the ArcheViewer-powered education demonstrated changes in knowledge and competence that were nearly FOUR-times greater than that of the control group who participated in a traditional online series utilizing the same primary video content.                    

Comparative Effectiveness of eLearning

We are thrilled to announce the results of a head-to-head trial, conducted in partnership with Postgraduate Institute for Medicine (PIM) and AcademicCME, that measured changes in knowledge and competence. Designed in conjunction with a recently launched educational series for healthcare professionals managing patients with dyslipidemia, the results demonstrate that clinician learners participating
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ABSTRACT: Committing to patient-centred medical education

BACKGROUND: Regular encounters of patients and medical students in a managed and structured consultation format, to focus on partnership in health care and chronic illness management, can address the student learning and professional development requirements facing contemporary medical education. CONTEXT: To engage and maintain such a strategy demands commitment and a belief in

ABSTRACT: A patient-led educational program on Tourette Syndrome: impact and implications for patient-centered medical education.

BACKGROUND: Graduate medical education about Tourette Syndrome does not typically focus on understanding the perspectives and perceptions of individuals with the condition. PURPOSES: Explore the impact of patient-centered, patient-led education programs on participant knowledge and empathy for patients. METHODS: Seventy-nine medical residents and students at five training sites in New Jersey attended patient-led presentations. Results

ASTRACT: Key considerations for the success of Medical Education Research and Innovation units in Canada

Growth in the field of medical education is evidenced by the proliferation of units dedicated to advancing Medical Education Research and Innovation (MERI). While a review of the literature discovered narrative accounts of MERI unit development, we found no systematic examinations of the dimensions of and structures that facilitate the

ABSTRACT: Encouraging new doctors to do medical education research

Background:  An academic foundation programme in medical education may allow junior medical trainees to gain experience in teaching and medical education research. After 2 years, three trainees will have completed the programme, and three more will be halfway through it. The authors explore problems encountered and how trainees maximised their experience,

MANUSCRIPT: Limitations of poster presentations reporting educational innovations at a major international medical education conference.

Background: In most areas of medical research, the label of 'quality' is associated with well-accepted standards. Whilst its interpretation in the field of medical education is contentious, there is agreement on the key elements required when reporting novel teaching strategies. We set out to assess if these features had been

Education and Healthcare Embrace a Digital and Interconnected World

Fact or Fiction: Educational technology or "EdTech" is now essential. According to a recent survey by Harris Interactive it sure looks like a fact when 90% of surveyed educators state it's "important" or "absolutely essential" to use products (such as apps, computer games, websites, digital planning tools, or digitally delivered curricula) designed to help students or
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Ozmosis Announces Launch of ArcheMedX to Disrupt Medical Education

Washington, DC (PRWEB) March 05, 2013 Ozmosis, Inc., a leading provider of social business software and care collaboration solutions to the healthcare industry, announced the spin out of ArcheMedX, a healthcare informatics and e-learning technology company delivering collaborative learning solutions to improve medical education. Given the explosive growth of its education business, Ozmosis has
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