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Understanding Attention and eLearning: A Primer on the Science of Eye-Tracking

One of the drivers of the original Learning Actions research was a concern that in learning, as in so many facets of life, our subconscious mind undermines rational thinking, decision making, and behavior; yet the ‘adult learner’ has been (universally) seen as fully competent, autonomous, and self-directed. The premise itself

What We’ve Learned about Note-taking in Continuing Education

If we go all the way back (now nearly 6 years ago) to the original Learning Actions research project, one of the first insights gained was that note-taking is a nearly universal behavior that clinician-learners rely on to support their learning process. In fact, from my initial interviews I found

Innovations in Education 2017 Symposium

Woke up this morning still energized by the lessons and discussions from yesterday! It was an absolute pleasure learning and sharing with more than 160 medical educators from throughout eastern Pennsylvania. Congratulations are deserved by the Division of Education in Lehigh Valley Health Network (@LVHN) for a wonderful event. Here is a
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