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MANUSCRIPT: Online continuing medical education (CME) for GPs: does it work? A systematic review.

BACKGROUND: Numerous studies have assessed the effectiveness of online continuing medical education (CME) designed to improve healthcare professionals' care of patients. The effects of online educational interventions targeted at general practitioners (GP), however, have not been systematically reviewed. METHODS: A computer search was conducted through seven databases for studies assessing changes in GPs'

RESOURCE: What Do Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) Look Like?

PLC (Professional Learning Community) is a group of educators, stakeholders, community members and administrators who come together to analyze and improve their practices. Usually, such groups meet regularly over a period of time and discuss various things of common interest. Professional Learning Communities can be at the school, district and national

ABSTRACT: Building an open academic environment – a new approach to empowering students in their learning of anatomy through ‘Shadow Modules’.

Teaching and learning in anatomy is undertaken by a variety of methodologies, yet all of these pedagogies benefit from students discussing and reflecting upon their learning activities. An approach of particular potency is peer-mediated learning, through either peer-teaching or collaborative peer-learning. Collaborative, peer-mediated, learning activities help promote deep learning approaches

ABSTRACT: Distant peer-tutoring of clinical skills, using tablets with instructional videos and Skype

To assess the feasibility and impact of using low-cost Android tablets to deliver video tutorials and remote online peer-tutoring for clinical skills between two countries. Methods: Nine junior medical students from Malaysia were paired with five senior medical students from the UK, who played the role of peer-tutors. Students from

Leading Change: Optimizing Student Success Through Analytics | Learning Environments

Analytics in higher education is a major focus at many of today’s institutions. Many campuses are claiming the power of analytics to improve student success. Analytics provides the tools to assess, analyze, and change what institutions do in relation to students, faculty members, and the learning environment. President Michael Crow

RESOURCE: Twelve tips for improving the effectiveness of web-based multimedia instruction for clinical learners

Using educational technology does not necessarily make medical education more effective. There are many different kinds of technology available to the contemporary medical teacher and what constitutes effective use may depend on the technology, the learning situation and many other factors. Web-based multimedia instruction WBMI provides learners with self-directed independent

RESOURCE: How MOOC Video Production Affects Student Engagement

FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Here are our seven main findings and corresponding recommendations for creators of online educational videos: 1. Shorter videos are much more engaging. Engagement drops sharply after 6 minutes. Recommendation: Invest heavily in pre-production lesson planning to segment videos into chunks shorter than 6 minutes. This is the most significant recommendation! 2.