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RESOURCE: The blow-by-blow reporting on the IOM's Learning Healthcare System simulcast

For some it might be of value to scroll through my notes of the simulcast to quickly get a sense of how the session unfolded.

Here are my tweets beginning at 10:00 AM on 09/06/12 ( the archived webinar can be found here)

I have highlighted a few posts that had me scratching my head…for both good and not-so-good reasons.

  1. Video feed is now live at @theIOM’s simulcast of the #bestcare report on the Learning Healthcare System:
  2. Beginning the #bestcare session w/ ‘turn your cell phones off’ is not the best tone…healthcare is increasingly mobile, no? #socialQI
  3. Very distinguished panel. Did I miss the experts representing the patient perspective? Sorry if I did. #bestcare #socialQI
  4. Clearly a good sign that there is a defined hashtag #bestcare for the @theIOM’s meeting and simulcast! Thanks! #socialQI
  5. Fineberg kicks off the meeting to introduce the topic, ‘…the core dilemma of the US healthcare system..” #bestcare #socialQI
  6. Fineberg: ‘77% of likely voters would support research to improve the quality of the US HC system’ –> tis the season #bestcare #socialQI
  7. Fineberg: both political parties have platform elements that speak to the need to improve HC quality #bestcare #socialQI
  8. Fineberg: a HC system that improves on a continual basis = A learning healthcare system #bestcare #socialQI
  9. Chair Mark Smith now at the mic to cover the highlights of the report #bestcare
  10. Smith: Stakeholders participating in this report was broad, making the effort rewarding and challenging #bestcare #socialQI
  11. Smith: we were tasked to define the characteristics of an effective and efficient healthcare system, provide solutions #bestcare
  12. Smith: our path forward includes addressing the complexity of care at Pt, HCP, organization levels #bestcare #socialQI
  13. Smith: complexity: docs in primary care interact w/ 229 clinicians in 117 practices just for the medicare patients #bestcare #socialQI
  14. Smith on complexity: patients with diabetes might me on as many as 19 medications… #bestcare #socialQI
  15. Smith: a 30% increase in average income over the past decade has been all but erased w/ a 76% increase in HC costs #bestcare #socialQI
  16. Smith on complexity: the average surgery Pt is seen by up to 17 HCPs during their hospital stay #bestcare #socialQI
  17. Smith: knowledge is rarely turned into best practices and practice is almost never turned back into knowledge #bestcare #socialQI
  18. Smith: 4 new tools at our disposal 1) computing power 2) connectivity 3) management science 4) collaboration/teamwork #bestcare = #socialQI
  19. Every element that Smith has presented is integral to the #socialQI model for healthcare improvement #bestcare
  20. Smith characteristics of this learning system: 1) informatics driven 2) Pt/HCP Partnership 3) incentives 4) culture #bestcare = #socialQI
  21. Smith on foundational elements (needs): 1) digital infrastructure must be improved, more capacity, knowledge management #bestcare #socialQI
  22. Smith on foundational elements (needs): we need to move beyond purpose-built systems for study and assessment #bestcare #socialQI
  23. Smith on foundational elements (needs): 2) Care improvement targets and clinical decision support systems #bestcare #socialQI
  24. Smith on foundational elements (needs): ..not good enough to get CME 30 days after the learning needs #bestcare #socialQI
  25. Smith on foundational elements (needs): 3) patient preferences & shared decision making 4) community links/connection #bestcare #socialQI
  26. Smith on foundational elements (needs): 5) care continuity 6) operations/management science in healthcare #bestcare #socialQI
  27. Smith on policy: begins with incentives…transparent marketplace dynamics where high quality care works for payors…#bestcare #socialQI
  28. Are we to believe that transparency & marketplace dynamics can exist along side open & connected care? #competition #bestcare #socialQI
  29. “We are highlighting the knowledge complexity and its impact on the quality of healthcare” #bestcare #socialQI
  30. I wld like to hear a major jrnl editor comment on the issue of closed access publishing restricting knowledge flow. #bestcare #openaccess
  31. Seems that one of our major problems is the reliance on peer-review publication models for sharing evidence. ineffective #bestcare #socialQI
  32. Q for Redberg: will Archive of Internal Medicine move to an open access model, or pre-pub evidence sharing ala arXiv? #bestcare #socialQI
  33. At an individual state level the complexities are felt in different ways. Important to deconstruct these needs #bestcare #PPACA
  34. RT @theIOM: Jones: In the end, there has to be a focus back on patients and families  #bestcare –> great validation for #spm #s4PM #SDM
  35. “What constitutes a learning healthcare system? it is science first.” …we need more evidence. more logic…and better filters! #bestcare
  36. Cassell: “but the reality is that even w/ great data, best practices take 10-15 years to translate to standard practice” #bestcare #socialQI
  37. Cassell: “interaction w/ pharma requires a delicate balance 2 ensure expertise & openness…COI, CME, & support r needed” #bestcare #CMEchat
  38. Smith on incentives & culture: ‘culture of America as a whole is above my pay grade…” #bestcare #socialQI
  39. Smith on incentives & culture: “in some ways US HC is some of the best we have ever known…” …this is the irony #bestcare #socialQI
  40. Smith on incentives & culture: “we need to pay HCPs for the best quality and most affordable care provision” #bestcare #socialQI
  41. Smith on the culture of medicine: ‘”Medicine needs to become longitudinal, outcomes-based, and cost aware…” #bestcare #socialQI
  42. From the floor – sounds like there is a chapter on patient and caregiver engagement supporting #bestcare #socialQI #SPM
  43. Q on the floor: how do we move the culture of healthcare to engage empowered patients nationally? #bestcare #socialQI
  44. Jones: we need to have strong leadership, leverage the passion of HCPs to help people, find the right incentive models #bestcare #socialQI
  45. It is important to remember that there are examples of new collaboration models among Patients, HCPS, Researchers #bestcare #socialQI
  46. We must connect the best practice examples of collaboration. In a sense we need a community of community builders. #socialQI #bestcare
  47. My thoughts on rapid learning: What if learning, doing, and sharing were one action in healthcare? #bestcare #socialQI
  48. More thoughts: The real value of networks lies within the community #bestcare #socialQI
  49. We need to learn more about the personal connectedness of HCPs. “Variation in Physician Networks” #bestcare #socialQI
  50. Seems to be very little nuance in the discussion around evidence-based medicine and personalized medicine. thoughts? #bestcare #socialQI
  51. Q from the floor: What are the new competencies for understanding quality science, virtual networking, informatics? #bestcare = #socialQI
  52. Smith commenting on the evolution of new social networks & communities of stakeholders…& the new skills needed. #bestcare #socialQI #huge
  53. There’s little doubt that the #CMEchat community has been firmly cast among the critical stakeholders based on @theIOM’s #bestcare report
  54. The question is whether the CME community has the skill set and vision to meet the call of @theIOM’s #bestcare report #CMEchat
  55. We talk about evidence-based approaches to education & learning, but learners, planners, faculty are creatures of habit #bestcare #inertia
  56. By my count speakers mentioned CME as much as a half-dozen times in @theIOM’s #bestcare webinar. Pretty striking call to action. #CMEchat
  57. The webcast of @theIOM’s report, “Best Care at Lower Cost: A Learning Healthcare System” is now available:  #bestcare

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Brian is a research scientist and educational technologist. He helped transform Pfizer’s Medical Education Group and previously served in educational leadership roles at HealthAnswers, Inc.; Acumentis, LLC.; Cephalon; and Wyeth. He taught graduate medical education programs at Arcadia University for 10 years. Dr. McGowan recently authored the book "#socialQI: Simple Solutions for Improving Your Healthcare" and has been invited to speak internationally on the subject of information flow, technology, and learning in healthcare.

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