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RESOURCE: How Cisco’s Learning Network Became a Social Hub for the IT Industry

Medical education providers should take page out of Cisco’s social learning playbook.

The Cisco Learning Network has become an industry-wide portal where IT students and professionals around the globe learn, share knowledge and find job opportunities. Cisco VP Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn says that the network is helping her company grow faster, particularly in new emerging markets.

Five years ago, Learning@Cisco, the educational services division of Cisco Systems, built a social network platform it called the Cisco Learning Network to help teach and train people who wanted to learn how to become certified by Cisco. But since then it has grown to become a portal for the entire IT industry with over 2 million users who share information on everything from Cisco certification to job searches. It has allowed Cisco to differentiate its brand, create loyal customers, mine for marketing insights and influence the market.

In a new Q&A, Cisco Vice President and General Manager Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn discusses the evolution of the Cisco Learning Network with MIT Sloan Management Review Social Business contributing editor, Robert Berkman. She reveals the origin of the network, how Cisco has attracted so many users and how its popularity in the industry has enhanced the company as a whole.

Read the full Q&A at MIT Sloan Management Review


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