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ArcheMedX To Present at Innovation Showcase and Poster Sessions during the 2023 CNS Summit

by ArcheMedX Team Nov 2 , 2023 5 min read

Analyses of 95,724 clinician learners across 91 CNS-related educational activities, including rater-related scales and assessments, demonstrated significant knowledge gaps and increases in clinical mastery

ArcheMedX, the leading provider of behavioral science-based learning and predictive analytics solutions for the life sciences and healthcare industries, announced the Company’s participation at the 2023 CNS Summit taking place November 8th-10th in Boston, Massachusetts.  


ArcheMedX will present highly anticipated new findings on “The State of CNS Clinician Readiness & Rater Training” in a Poster Presentation (Thursday, November 9th from 5-7pm) at this year’s CNS Summit revealing the educational needs of clinicians and raters conducting clinical research across CNS-related conditions. ArcheMedX will also detail how trial sponsors and CROs are “Improving Consistency in Rater Assessments” during an Innovation Showcase Session (Friday, November 10th at 2pm) highlighting Ready, the Company’s behavioral science-based learning and predictive analytics platform.

The 2023 edition of “The State of CNS Clinician Readiness & Rater Training” findings examine how many of the challenges in conducting more complex CNS-related studies are rooted in underlying process inefficiencies, performance challenges, and training gaps. To understand the level of readiness in clinicians and raters conducting clinical trials across neurological disorders, ArcheMedX conducted an expanded and more in-depth analysis of the learning data generated by 95,724 learners across 91 CNS-related educational activities powered by Ready.


The resulting analyses revealed that 85% of clinicians lack the mastery (prior to completing training in the Ready platform) to effectively conduct clinical research or to provide appropriate treatment across CNS conditions.


In a subset of activities and assessment questions specifically addressing Rater Training in CNS-related content areas, the baseline deficiencies in clinician mastery were even more profound. Less than 10% of clinicians demonstrated they were equipped to effectively implement rating scales.


Putting these results in context, the variations in clinician mastery and deficiency in readiness create material risk that can delay patient enrollment, increase rater inconsistency, and lead to missed endpoints in clinical trials conducted across neurological disorders. Though baseline deficiencies in clinician mastery are concerning, training delivered within the Ready platform demonstrated significant improvements.  After completing more tailored and interactive training in Ready across specific CNS conditions, the average rise in mastery increased more than 8x. 


As these data above validate, utilizing the Ready platform to deliver education and training significantly improves clinician capabilities regardless of clinical area. By engaging in more effective on-demand training powered by the Ready platform, these clinicians and raters are now more capable and confident in accurately screening and diagnosing complex conditions, implementing new and emerging treatments, and consistently applying scales and assessments in today’s increasingly complex CNS-related studies.

Visit to learn more and connect with the ArcheMedX team at the CNS Summit.


Download an advanced copy of “The State of CNS Clinician Readiness” report today and learn more about the Ready platform at

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