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ABSTRACT: [Exponential use of social media in medicine: Example of the interest of Twitter© in urology.]

AIM: Social media (#SoMe) has changed the face of modern medicine. Our purpose was to asses the potential interest of Twitter in the field of urology. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A systematic review of the literature has been performed using PubMed without timeline restriction with the following keywords (MeSH): social media; Web 2.0; Twitter;

RESOURCE: How To Get More Out Of Your PLN Using Twitter

So, you’ve made a Twitter account and are completely hooked. You’re following a bunch of people, companies, institutions… and if you walk away from Twitter for more than an hour, it seems like you can’t possibly keep up. While the constant stream of information is incredible, it is also overwhelming.

MANUSCRIPT: Increased use of Twitter at a medical conference: a report and a review of the educational opportunities.

Abstract BACKGROUND: Most consider Twitter as a tool purely for social networking. However, it has been used extensively as a tool for online discussion at nonmedical and medical conferences, and the academic benefits of this tool have been reported. Most anesthetists still have yet to adopt this new educational tool. There is

ABSTRACT: How we use social media to supplement a novel curriculum in medical education.

Abstract BACKGROUND: The millennial learner is reliant on technology to gain knowledge. Social media in the form of Twitter and Facebook provide a unique way to reach these learners. AIMS: To demonstrate a supplement to a curriculum using "push technology" via Twitter and Facebook to deliver educational content to mobile devices. METHODS: A curriculum consisting of