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MANUSCRIPT: Natural language processing: algorithms and tools to extract computable information from EHRs and from the biomedical literature

The increasing adoption of electronic health records EHRs and the corresponding interest in using these data for quality improvement and research have made it clear that the interpretation of narrative text contained in the records is a critical step. The biomedical literature is another important information source that can benefit

ABSTRACT: Development of National Competency-based Learning Objectives “Medical Informatics” for Undergraduate Medical Education.

Abstract Objectives: The aim of this project is to develop a catalogue of competency-based learning objectives "Medical Informatics" for undergraduate medical education (abbreviated NKLM-MI in German). Methods: The development followed a multi-levelannotation andconsensus process. For each learning objective a reason why a physician needs this competence was required. In addition, each

MANUSCRIPT: Reviewing social media use by clinicians

ABSTRACT Adoption studies of social media use by clinicians were systematically reviewed, up to July 26th, 2011, to determine the extent of adoption and highlight trends in institutional responses. This search led to 370 articles, of which 50 were selected for review, including 15 adoption surveys.

RESOURCE: MOOCs and other ed-tech bubbles | Ed Tech Now

"analytics is predicated on “big data” but in education, big data will not exist until we sort out the current failure of interoperability" By spotting patterns in the data produced by students’ online learning activity, learning analytics systems should be able to help: predict student progress; inform adaptive learning strategies (sequencing digital learning activities

RESOURCE: The Importance of Search – Chief Learning Officer, Solutions for Enterprise Productivity

"As forward-thinking enterprises look for answers, they’re finding a significant gap between where they are today and where they need to be with regards to their learning infrastructure. Continued growth in the LMS market — more than 10 percent globally according to Bersin & Associates’ report “Learning Systems 2011” —