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ABSTRACT: Serious Gaming in Medical Education: A Proposed Structured Framework for Game Development

Serious games are increasingly being used for medical education. However, the design and development of serious games for the education of health professionals is highly variable, and very few articles report the development process used for game development. There are many established processes for software development that can improve and

ABSTRACT: Fun, collaboration and formative assessment: Skinquizition, a class wide gaming competition in a medical school with a large class.

Background: Formative assessments are tools for assessing content retention, providing valuable feedback to students and teachers. In medical education, information technology-supported games can accommodate large classes divided into student teams while fostering active engagement. Aim: To establish an innovative stimulating approach to formative assessments for large classes furthering collaborative skills

ABSTRACT: InsuOnline, a Serious Game to Teach Insulin Therapy to Primary Care Physicians: Design of the Game and a Randomized Controlled Trial for Educational Validation.

Abstract BACKGROUND: Physicians´ lack of knowledge contributes to underuse of insulin and poor glycemic control in adults with diabetes mellitus (DM). Traditional continuing medical education have limited efficacy, and new approaches are required. OBJECTIVE: We report the design of a trial to assess the educational efficacy of InsuOnline, a game for education of primary