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ABSTRACT: E-learning: the essential usability perspective

BACKGROUND: Usability is the ease with which something can be used, but this essential concept appears to be rarely considered when using technology for teaching and learning in medical education. CONTEXT: There is an increasing use of technology in an attempt to enhance teaching and learning in medical education, from the use of

ABSTRACT: Developing an interactive web-based learning program on skin cancer: the learning experiences of clinical educators

Web-based learning in medical education is rapidly growing. However, there are few firsthand accounts on the rationale for and development of web-based learning programs. We present the experience of clinical educators who developed an interactive online skin cancer detection and management course in a time-efficient and cost-efficient manner without any

ABSTRACT: eLearning among Canadian anesthesia residents: a survey of podcast use and content needs.

Abstract BACKGROUND: Podcasts are increasingly being used in medical education. In this study, we conducted a survey of Canadian anesthesia residents to better delineate the content needs, format preferences, and usage patterns among anesthesia residents METHODS: 10/16 Canadian anesthesia program directors, representing 443/659 Canadian anesthesia residents, allowed their residents to be included

ABSTRACT: A Global Model for Effective Use and Evaluation of e-Learning in Health

Abstract Abstract Healthcare systems worldwide face a wide range of challenges, including demographic change, rising drug and medical technology costs, and persistent and widening health inequalities both within and between countries. Simultaneously, issues such as professional silos, static medical curricula, and perceptions of "information overload" have made it difficult for medical