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MANUSCRIPT: Case based teaching at the bed side versus in classroom for undergraduates and residents of pediatrics

Introduction: Bedside teaching is defined as teaching in the presence of a patient, it is a vital component of medical education. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of two methods of case based teaching (at the bedside and in the classroom) in the teaching hospitals (for

ABSTRACT: Developing effective web-based regional anesthesia education: a randomized study evaluating case-based versus non-case-based module design

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Little is known about the use of Web-based education in regional anesthesia training. Benefits of Web-based education include the ability to standardize learning material quality and content, build appropriate learning progressions, use interactive multimedia technologies, and individualize delivery of course materials. The goals of this investigation were (1)

ABSTRACT: Incorporating evidence into clinical teaching: enhanced geriatrics specialty case-based residency presentations.

Abstract INTRODUCTION: Case-based presentations are widely used in medical education and are a preferred education modality to teach about the care of geriatric patients across a range of medical specialties. METHODS: We incorporated evidence-based materials from topical literature syntheses into case-based presentations on the care of geriatric patients for use by specialty residents. These