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RESOURCE: Five medical apps that keep your medical knowledge current

Traditional methods of staying up to date with medical knowledge include structured activities like attending conferences and unstructured activities like reading journals–both of which involve the unidirectional transfer of knowledge.As medical schools shift to more collaborative models of training where students are encouraged to discuss and challenge what they are

MANUSCRIPT: Smartphone and medical related App use among medical students and junior doctors in the United Kingdom (UK): a regional survey

BACKGROUND: Smartphone usage has spread to many settings including that of healthcare with numerous potential and realised benefits. The ability to download custom-built software applications (apps) has created a new wealth of clinical resources available to healthcare staff, providing evidence-based decisional tools to reduce medical errors.Previous literature has examined how smartphones

MANUSCRIPT: A systematic review of healthcare applications for smartphones.

BACKGROUND:Advanced mobile communications and portable computation are now combined in handheld devices called "smartphones", which are also capable of running third-party software. The number of smartphone users is growing rapidly, including among healthcare professionals. The purpose of this study was to classify smartphone-based healthcare technologies as discussed in academic literature

RESOURCE: Review #meded Apps with @Happtique, @aamctoday

The Association of American Medical Colleges has partnered with Happtique to serve as the content review partner for the Happtique Health App Certification Program HACP.  As part of this partnership, the AAMC is seeking content experts to review medical education apps that have been submitted for certification. Content reviewer positions are