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ABSTRACT: National Lipid Association Annual Summary of Clinical Lipidology 2016

The National Lipid Association (NLA) Annual Summary of Clinical Lipidology is a yearly updated summary of principles important to the patient-centered evaluation, management, and care of patients with dyslipidemia. This summary is intended to be a “living document,” with future annual updates based on emerging science, clinical considerations, and new NLA Position, Consensus, and Scientific Statements, thus providing an ongoing resource that applies the latest in medical science towards the clinical management of patients with dyslipidemia. Topics include the NLA Recommendations for Patient-Centered Management of Dyslipidemia, genetics, Familial Hypercholesterolemia, secondary causes of dyslipidemia, biomarkers and advanced lipid testing, nutrition, physical activity, obesity, adiposopathy, metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus, lipid pharmacotherapy, lipid-altering drug interactions, lipoprotein apheresis, dyslipidemia management and treatment based upon age (children, adolescents, and older individuals), dyslipidemia considerations based upon race, ethnicity and gender, dyslipidemia and human immune virus infection, dyslipidemia and immune disorders, adherence strategies and collaborative care, and lipid-altering drugs in development. Hyperlinks direct the reader to sentinel online tables, charts, and figures relevant to lipidology, access to online atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk calculators, worldwide lipid guidelines, recommendations, and position/scientific statements, as well as links to online audio files, websites, slide shows, applications, continuing medical education opportunities, and patient information.

via National Lipid Association Annual Summary of Clinical Lipidology 2016. – PubMed – NCBI.

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