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Interactive Medical Education With ArcheMedX

ArcheMedX, a healthcare informatics and e-learning technology company, is the brainchild of Joel Selzer, serial entrepreneur  (Ozmosis and Medical Funding Services) and Brian S. McGowan, PhD, author of #SocialQI: Simple Solutions for Improving Your Healthcare.  With Joel’s experience building healthcare technology businesses and Brian’s broad experience in medical education, leading teams at Wyeth, Pfizer, Cephalon, HealthAnswers Inc., and Acumentis LLC.,  ArcheMedX has a bright future.

ArcheMedX launched this past January ahead of the 38th Annual Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions Conference, with a mission to simplify medical education and assessment. By organizing and connecting the natural learning actions of clinicians through either self-directed or collaborative learning platforms, ArcheMedX simplifies lifelong learning and streamlines the process of educational planning, assessment, and support. (for more on the natural learning actions model, check out:

“With the launch of ArcheMedX, we are enabling medical education providers to dramatically improve retention at a much lower cost than legacy offerings”, said Joel Selzer, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ArcheMedX.

From the press release:

“ArcheMedX solutions simplify learning for clinicians and educational planners:

  •  The ArcheMedX Self-Directed Learning Architecture seamlessly integrates a structured set of learning tools within any website, enabling clinicians to more easily take their natural learning actions.
  • The ArcheMedX Cohort-Based Learning Architecture effectively flips the traditional medical meeting model by engaging clinicians in pre- and post- learning opportunities through small, safe and trusted learning cohorts.
  • The ArcheMedX Massive Online Learning Architecture supports the development of custom learning communities where the broader social graph of clinicians can learn from peers and faculty in collaborative learning networks.”

With the self-directed learning format, ArcheMedX allows individual users to take notes, set reminders, search through related content and learn interactively and efficiently on any web or mobile program offered by the educational provider.  The cohort-learning program is designed to “flip” the live medical meeting and engage groups of up to 30 clinician learners (or patients) around educational objectives with collaborative assignments, structured and/or ad-hoc learning activities and educational content, resources and tools.  In the cohort model, learners can interact with each other and medical faculty ahead of and after in-person medical meetings, regional conferences and satellite symposiums.  In this way, users can develop a better understanding of the educational content and connect with faculty and peers well beyond the few hours a traditional meeting offers.

ArcheMedX fundamentally changes how educational planners can deliver well-planned content and creates an entirely new model for assessing the efficacy and impact of their educational programs”, said Brian S. McGowan PhD, Co-founder and Chief Learning Officer of ArcheMedX.

One very cool aspect of ArcheMedX is its ability to track and assess learning effectiveness.  Until now, educators have struggled to track the efficiency and correctly evaluate their training programs.  Usually, surveys are sent out to the users of the programs, but the number of responders and the correct or incorrect choice of questions limit these surveys.

ArcheMedX aggregates data about learning actions and combines it with rapid polling to gather information about program effectiveness in new and innovative ways. As clinicians take their natural learning actions through the ArcheMedX platform, the system’s informatics engine helps organizations effectively assess the effectiveness of the program by aggregating and analyzing the content and activity shared by each learner. This is a remarkably useful tool for educators that can be used to constantly update and improve the quality of their program.

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Authored by:

Joan Justice

Joan Justice is currently the Senior Curator for HealthWorksCollective. She holds both a nursing and a graduate business degree, and has worked in domestic and international marketing management for several major healthcare corporations. She lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Written by

Joel is a digital innovation leader who has spent the past 15 years improving access to information and data across the life science and healthcare industries as an entrepreneur, board member, and advisor. He co-founded and currently leads ArcheMedX, which applies behavioral science to transform learning and generate actionable insights for Healthcare and Life Science organizations.

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