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Team Innovation Processes

Abstract This study investigates cycles of planning, enacting, and reviewing activities over time in teams engaged in creative projects. Drawing on longitudinal case studies of two interactive media development teams, two distinct cycles of planning, enacting, and reviewing activities are identified: experimentation cycles and validation cycles. Experimentation cycles are discovery-oriented processes

ABSTRACT: Implementing Teams in a Patient-Centered Medical Home Residency Practice: Lessons Learned

Over the last decade there has been a call for change in the US health care system. Several reports by the Institute of Medicine, including To Err is Human—Building a Safer Health Care System1 and Crossing the Quality Chasm,2 have highlighted the critical need for developing a new approach to

ABSTRACT: Team-based learning: A practical guide: Guide Supplement 65.1 [Med Teach. 2013] – PubMed – NCBI

Abstract The practical aspects and potential benefits of team-based learning (TBL) are outlined on the recent guide published by Parmelee et al. (2012). TBL provides a strategy for active student-centred collaborative learning which involves multiple small groups in a single classroom setting, incorporating many of the adult approaches to learning, more frequently