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Tag : small groups

ABSTRACT: Too Close or Too Far Hurts: Cognitive Distance and Group Cognitive Synergy

Groups encounter difficulties in becoming better than their individual members. This study assesses the nature of the relationship between cognitive distance (operationalized as the extent to which the best performing individual is detached from the rest of the group) and two types of group synergy: weak cognitive synergy (collective performance

ABSTRACT: Social Constructivist Teaching Strategies in the Small Group Classroom

The purpose of this article is to describe a series of techniques for teaching students about groups. Vygotsky’s social constructivism is used as a theoretical framework to understand the ways that students acquire knowledge about groups. After a brief discussion of this framework, we turn to a discussion of five

ABSTRACT: Reducing Faultlines in Geographically Dispersed Teams: Self-Disclosure and Task Elaboration

Faultlines have the potential to significantly disrupt team performance due to the creation of intergroup bias. In geographically dispersed teams, given the combination of dispersed locations and other diversity characteristics, faultlines are potentially a major issue that needs to be more fully understood. This study examines the impact of faultlines