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ABSTRACT: Facilitating Students’ Reflective Practice in a Medical Course: Literature Review

Introduction : Reflection and reflective practice is of increasing importance in medical education curricula. The aim of this review is to summarise the literature published around facilitating reflection in a medical course, and to answer the question : W0 hat is the current evidence regarding learning and development moments across

MANUSCRIPT: An electronic portfolio for quantitative assessment of surgical skills in undergraduate medical education

Background We evaluated a newly designed electronic portfolio (e-Portfolio) that provided quantitative evaluation of surgical skills. Medical students at the University of Seville used the e-Portfolio on a voluntary basis for evaluation of their performance in undergraduate surgical subjects. Methods Our new web-based e-Portfolio was designed to evaluate surgical practical knowledge and skills

ABSTRACT: Reflective writing in medical education.

Abstract BACKGROUND: The teaching of reflection and the use of reflective writing assignments is commonplace in medical school education. There is a preponderance of research in medical education, which appraises and discusses new ways of teaching reflection. AIMS: Students often complain about having to write about their experience with that patient. This work explores

ABSTRACT: The use of reflection in emergency medicine education.

Abstract Reflection is a cognitive process in which new information and experiences are integrated into existing knowledge structures and mental models, resulting in meaningful learning. Reflection often occurs after an experience is over, promoting professional development and lifelong learning. However, a reflective emergency physician (EP) is also able to apply reflection

ABSTRACT: Measuring Faculty Reflection on Medical Grand Rounds at Mayo Clinic: Associations With Teaching Experience, Clinical Exposure, and Presenter Effectiveness.

Abstract OBJECTIVES: To develop and validate a new instrument for measuring participant reflection on continuing medical education (CME) and determine associations between the reflection instrument scores and CME presenter, participant, and presentation characteristics. PARTICIPANTS AND METHODS: This was a prospective validation study of presenters and faculty at the weekly medical grand rounds at Mayo