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Tag : qualitative research

ABSTRACT: Introducing medical educators to qualitative study design: Twelve tips from inception to completion

Many research questions posed by medical educators could be answered more effectively by the application of carefully selected qualitative research design than traditional quantitative research methods. Indeed, in many cases using mixed methods research would expand the scope of a study and yield meaningful qualitative data in addition to quantitative

ABSTRACT: The Pictor Technique A Method for Exploring the Experience of Collaborative Working

Collaborative working is a crucial part of contemporary health and social care. Researching the experiences of those involved—as professionals, patients, or carers—is challenging, given the complexity of many cases and the taken-for-granted nature of roles and identities in relation to it. In this article we introduce the Pictor technique for

MANUSCRIPT: Family Doctors Seen through the Eyes of Specialists: A Qualitative Study

Germany is facing a shortage of young family doctors. In search of possible reasons the aim of this study was to explore the perception of specialists on family doctors. Within a qualitative study 16 medical specialists from different fields in hospital and outpatient care setting were interviewed. Interviews were analysed

ABSTRACT: A Qualitative Analysis of an Interactive Online Discussion by Health Professions Educators on Education Research

Introduction: In view of increasing demand for reforms in medical education in India, it is important to generate evidence through education research to increase the relevance and improve the quality of medical education. Education research is still at a nascent stage in India for a number of reasons. This study

MANUSCRIPT: Automated Detection of Adverse Events Using Natural Language Processing of Discharge Summaries

A b s t r a c t Objective:  To determine whether natural language processing (NLP) can effectively detect adverse events defined in the New York Patient Occurrence Reporting and Tracking System (NYPORTS) using discharge summaries.

MANUSCRIPT: Large-scale evaluation of automated clinical note de-identification and its impact on information extraction

ABSTRACT Objective (1) To evaluate a state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP)-based approach to automatically de-identify a large set of diverse clinical notes. (2) To measure the impact of de-identification on the performance of information extraction algorithms on the de-identified documents. html

MANUSCRIPT: eQuality for All: Extending Automated Quality Measurement of Free Text Clinical Narratives

Introduction: Electronic quality monitoring (eQuality) from clinical narratives may advance current manual quality measurement techniques. We evaluated automated eQuality measurement tools on clinical narratives of veterans’ disability examinations.

MANUSCRIPT: Automated Assessment of Medical Training Evaluation Text

    Abstract Medical post-graduate residency training and medical student training increasingly utilize electronic systems to evaluate trainee performance based on defined training competencies with quantitative and qualitative data, the later of which typically consists of text comments. Medical education is concomitantly becoming a growing area of clinical research. While electronic systems have proliferated in number,