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MANUSCRIPT: Moving Knowledge Acquisition From the Lecture Hall to the Student Home: A Prospective Intervention Study

BACKGROUND: Podcasts are popular with medical students, but the impact of podcast use on learning outcomes in undergraduate medical education has not been studied in detail. OBJECTIVE: Our aim was to assess the impact of podcasts accompanied by quiz questions and lecture attendance on short- and medium-term knowledge retention. METHODS: Students enrolled for a cardio-respiratory

MANUSCRIPT: Audio podcasts in practical courses in biochemistry – cost-efficient e-learning in a well-proven format from radio broadcasting.

INTRODUCTION: Audio podcasts are an e-learning format that may help to motivate students to deal with the contents of medical education more intensely. We adopted a well-proven format from radio broadcasting, the radio documentary, to direct the listeners' attention to information about practical courses in biochemistry over a period of 20

ABSTRACT: Prior Podcast Experience Moderates Improvement in Electroencephalography Evaluation After Educational Podcast Module

BACKGROUND: There is continued interest in using technology to enhance medical education and the variables that may affect its success. METHODS: Anesthesiology residents and fourth-year medical students participated in an electroencephalography (EEG) educational video podcast module. A 25-item evaluation tool was administered before any EEG education was provided (baseline), and the podcast was