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ABSTRACT: Acute pain in undergraduate medical education: an unfinished chapter!

Abstract Inadequately treated acute pain is a global healthcare problem that causes significant patient suffering and disability, risk of chronicity, increased resource utilization, and escalating healthcare costs. Compounding the problem is the lack of adequate instruction in acute pain management available in medical schools worldwide. Incorporating acute pain diagnosis and management

ABSTRACT: Pain Education at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Abstract Contemporary medical education is inadequate to prepare medical students to competently assess and design care plans for patients with acute and chronic pain. The time devoted to pain education in most medical school curricula is brief and not integrated into case-based clinical experiences, and it is frequently nonexistent during clinical

ABSTRACT: Education and training of pain medicine specialists in the United States.

Abstract Many pain patients present with a complex set of symptoms and comorbidities that defy the acumen of any one specific medical specialty; thus the knowledge and skills of the pain physician must, out of necessity cross specialty borders. The competency that comes from mastering essential skills is accomplished during the