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When Terror Strikes Charlottesville, What is Our Moral Obligation?

“Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson

The ArcheMedX offices are only a block away from where the horrific attack took place in Charlottesville this weekend. While these events and images ripped through our community, we are very fortunate that the members of our team, their families, and friends are safe. To all of our colleagues and partners across the country that reached out to express their concern and support, we thank you!

While our team was physically unharmed, each of us has been impacted by the terror that struck our idyllic college town and vibrant business community. Charlottesville is an incredible city to live and work in and there is simply no place for the racism, anti-Semitism, bigotry, and hate that outsiders brought to our doorstep. These despicable acts cannot be tolerated anywhere in America.

Although the healing has quietly begun here in Charlottesville, our country has a difficult journey ahead. I am hopeful that our better angels will prevail, but the outcome of this struggle between good and evil cannot be left to chance.

The attacks of this past weekend are only the latest assault on our democracy and values. Each of us, especially those among us in leadership positions, must speak out forcefully and unequivocally and, when necessary, hold our employees, colleagues, business partners, and even our friends and family accountable for their words and actions.

To do otherwise is to abdicate our moral and fiduciary responsibilities.

Joel Selzer

Co-Founder & CEO


Joel Selzer

Written by

Joel has spent the past 13 years driving innovation in the healthcare industry as an entrepreneur, board member, and advisor. He co-founded and currently leads ArcheMedX, a healthcare informatics and e-learning technology company, previously served as Chairman and CEO of Ozmosis, Inc., a provider of care collaboration solutions to the healthcare industry, co-founded and directed Medical Funding Services, and previously served in management roles at IBM and American Management Systems.

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