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Wolcott – A review to characterize and map the growth mindset theory in health professions education

Outcomes/Measurement | Learning ScienceCME ProfessionBehavioral Science | Cognitive Psychology

Growth mindset is a motivation theory proposed by Carol Dweck that posits our beliefs about intelligence and the ability to change mindsets can have impacts on how we approach challenges, respond to criticism challenges, and orient our goals. This study characterized articles on growth mindset theory in health professions education to: summarize the aspects of growth mindset being researched, describe the discussed benefits of growth mindset theory, and outline strategies discussed that may promote a growth mindset. The growth mindset framework has been shown in other fields to help others manage educational challenges and enhance learning environments. Researchers are encouraged to explore how interventions such as teaching about and prioritizing a growth mindset can support learners, healthcare professionals, educators, and organizations.

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