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Deliver ArcheMedX-powered education to millions of healthcare providers. 

ArcheMedX has collaborated with the leading distributors of online CE to ensure that education providers can deliver critical content and continuing education programs to millions of healthcare professionals throughout the US and abroad powered by the ArcheMedX Intelligent Learning Platform.

By mutually investing in the integration between the ArcheMedX platform and the learning management systems powering CMEUniversity, CMEZone,, Education Lab, MC Impact, myCME, and POWER-PAK; ArcheMedX-powered education can be seamlessly delivered to targeted populations of healthcare providers across dozens of clinical areas.

With the addition of multi-distribution partner support, educational partners can design and launch a single set of learning activities within the ArcheMedX platform that can be seamlessly accessed by millions of clinician learners coming from across multiple distribution partners. And since the data is also captured and analyzed centrally within the ArcheMedX platform, regardless of where the learner accessed the content from, faculty and educational planners can now more easily build, manage, analyze, and update their content and programs in one place.

To contact any of the Partners and to explore leveraging these leading distribution channels to support your educational planning needs, please contact the Account Managers below. To learn more about the Distribution Network, Multi-DP model, and ArcheMedX platform pricing please contact Michelle Tyner.


Michael Lemon
(720) 895-5329


MC Impact

Steve Casebeer
(215) 619-8812



Kurt Boyce
(212) 624-2095


Angel Bales
800.688.2421 ext 5420



Michael S. Adler
 (610) 220-5230



Gary J. Gyss
(973) 777-1583

Brochure Education Lab

Merideth Barnes
(877) 307-5255 ext. 267