Reinventing the Curricular Experience

Over the past year, we have found the educational community increasingly thinking beyond one-off episodic education to create richer curricular interventions. These curricula are intended to provide deeper and more-layered learning, however existing curricular experiences are underwhelming in design and implementation, and most Learners barely dip their toes into the Curriculum instead of diving in headfirst.

At ArcheMedX, we believe that Learners need a more structured and well-designed curricular learning experience that drives Learners to engage throughout the Curriculum and consume the full breadth of the intended interventions.

A Mission to Reinvent the Curricular Experience

To this end we developed ArcheHome, a new curricular solution that extends the pioneering design and evidence of the ArcheViewer and the ArcheMedX Learning Actions Model to create a more effective (and informative) curricular experience for Learners. ArcheHome enables Educators to reinvent curricular education to drive participation, amplify audience generation, increase completion rates, keep Learners more engaged over time, and generate critical data and insights that achieve the outcomes they truly desire.



A New Design for Curricular Education

The Curricular Landing Page within ArcheHome is designed to simplify navigation and increase completion rates by enabling Learners to quickly scan informative and interactive Activity tiles and to easily search and filter the Curriculum to find the best path to optimize learning. In addition, the full set of Related Resources collated for each Activity is made available through a centralized, searchable, and filterable library enabling Learners to more easily engage in and consume critical tools to drive changes in practice.



Drive Participation and Completion

Because each Activity and Resource is assigned its own topics and/or tags, ArcheHome can identify opportunities for cross-pollination and “nudge” Learners to participate in and consume additional Resources and Activities throughout the Curriculum. This “recommendation engine” helps to keep Learners more engaged over time and increases the number of Resources and Activities the Learner consumes and completes within a Curriculum.

Generate Critical Data and Insights

As Learners navigate the Curriculum of Activities and browse, search, and review the Resource library, they are revealing their interests, thinking, and learning process. ArcheHome tracks all of these actions, structures these data, generates insights, and presents them to Educators within a real-time data dashboard and predefined reports that are available 24×7 and 365!


Introducing ArcheHome Plus

ArcheHome Plus dramatically extends the impact of the reinvented curricular experience and provides Educators with a unique ability to engage Learners over time by introducing Rich Content Posts, Interactive Polls, and Automated Notifications.  These new tools create a simple, yet powerful way to develop new content above and beyond ArcheViewer-powered Activities and “nudge” learners to return to and more fully explore the curricular experience, creating greater stickiness, increased engagement, and volumes of additional data!


More Dynamic, Bite-Sized, Rich Content

Rich Content Posts (RCPs) are short, blog-like posts designed to create a more dynamic stream of multi-media enriched content such as interviews with faculty, late-breaking science, or brief editorials. Registered Learners will be immediately notified via Automated Notifications (personalized email messages) when new RCPs are published, driving increased engagement and stickiness. Learners can also set Reminders on each RCP, ensuring that they will revisit critical posts over time (similar to how Reminders work with Notes within the ArcheViewer).

As a result, each new RCP not only functions as a brief educational intervention, but also serves as a critical engagement and retention tool pulling Learners back into the learning experience and nudging them to explore additional education and related content. Now think of all of the ways that content can be more efficiently and more effectively leveraged!

Rich Content Placed at a Learner’s Fingertips

The addition of a dynamic ‘feed’ of Rich Content Posts within the ArcheHome Plus Curricular Landing Page enables Learners to easily access, search, and filter these short, blog-like posts. The prominent placement of the RCP Feed within the Curricular Landing Page ensures that Learners will find new and valuable content to explore that drives continued participation, whether it is a learner’s first visit or their twentieth.

Learn More about Your Learners

The addition of Curricular-Level, Interactive Polling allows Educators to generate more and more data about Learners. As with ArcheViewer Polling, each time a poll question is answered by Learners, Educators can deliver answer-option specific feedback (Including connecting feedback to Related Resources and Rich Content Posts) directly to Learners capitalizing on these unique learning moments. And to provide even greater flexibility, Curricular-Level, Interactive Polls can be updated at the discretion of the Educator, 24×7 and 365!

Learner Features

  • Search through and filter a Curriculum of learning Activities
  • Preview Activities and check progress status
  • Search and filter related Resources in a central Resource Library
  • Receive automated notifications when new content is published
  • Invite colleagues to register and participate
  • Set and receive personalized reminders via email 
  • Search and filter Rich Content Posts in a prominent centralized Rich Content Feed
  • Measure themselves against other Learners via Curricular-Level, Interactive Polling

Educational Planner Features

  • Create a searchable curricula of ArcheViewer-powered learning Activities
  • Customize the look and feel of the curricular experience
  • Build an indexed and searchable library of related educational content
  • Track and assess detailed learner activity at the curricular and activity level
  • Keep the curricular experience fresh and dynamic, supplementing audience generation
  • Further diversify the educational intervention with short, blog-like posts
  • Use curricular-level interactive polling to drive learner reflection
  • Use curricular-level interactive polling to quickly collect needs assessment data

See how ArcheHome Reinvents the Curricular Experience

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