Online Learning Should Come Naturally

The vision for ArcheMedX is rooted in the premise that clinicians, as adult learners, learn best within a more interactive and data-driven experience.

This belief, based on extensive field research and built upon decades of scientific study into human memory systems and behavioral sciences, led the ArcheMedX team to develop the ArcheMedX Learning Actions Model and a suite of online learning solutions that improve the design, delivery and real-time analysis of online education across the healthcare industry. The company’s award-winning products have been found to improve knowledge and competence among clinician learners at FOUR to SIX times the level of traditional online education and include the ArcheViewer, ArcheHome, ArcheTeam, and ArcheInsight.


Simplify life-long learning and transform assessment.

Decades of neuroscience research show that learners must rely on working memory to effectively consume and assimilate new information; unfortunately, it has also proved that working memory has a limited capacity. This creates a ‘‘bottleneck’’ for learning that limits how much and how quickly information can be transferred into long-term memory. Cognitive limitations such as these have a very real impact on learning, especially in continuing education where clinician learners are often presented with large amounts of critical information.

ArcheMedX was founded to develop online learning solutions that help overcome these limitations and arm the educational community with a structured framework that makes it easier to teach and learn. Since cognitive science shows that a learner must move the right information out of working memory before it is forgotten or overwritten, the ArcheMedX Learning Actions Model was designed to drive learners to consume educational content more efficiently and to ensure that critical information can be fully connected to and integrated into a learner’s long-term memory.



The ArcheViewer brings the Learning Actions Model to life and provides a transformational approach to online learning that enables educators to construct and deliver more agile and effective online learning experiences that nudge clinician learners to reflect and take action while providing educators new types of learning data and analytics to more efficiently assess and continuously improve their education programs.

And when the ArcheViewer is combined with ArcheHome, ArcheTeam, and ArcheInsight, educators can deploy an integrated suite of products that drive individual learners and/or cohorts of learners to more fully engage in and complete a curriculum of learning activities over time. Together, the ArcheMedX product suite will enable your organization to improve learning, competence, and performance in any targeted group of healthcare professionals independent of learner demographics or learning style.  

Online Learning and Analytics Solutions


Enables educators to deliver more agile and engaging online education that improves knowledge over time and provides new types of learning data to continually optimize and refine learning activities.

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Aggregates learning action data alongside pre-test, post-test, and evaluation feedback, providing a comprehensive and actionable real-time view into the effectiveness of planned education.

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Reinvents curricular education to drive participation, amplify audience generation, increase completion rates, keep Learners more engaged over time, and generate critical data and insights.

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Enables groups, practices, and care teams to share knowledge and learn together across a curriculum of collaborative learning activities (evolving the gold-standard of group-based learning).

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