ArcheViewer Capabilities

ArcheViewer improves knowledge and competence

The ArcheViewer makes it simple for educators to design and deliver more interactive online education and training programs that “nudge” learners to reflect and take action at key moments during the content.  The platform provides a variety of tools that both drive learners to engage and encourages them to take their own actions, resulting in far more effective learning. By capturing and analyzing these interactions, the ArcheViewer provides educators with immediately visibility into the effectiveness of their educational programs and offers the ability to continuously refine and improve their education.

Embedded Note Taking

Learners can instantly create, save, and edit notes that are synched to the relevant moment within the content and can turn ” Related Resources” provided by educators into notes as well. Once saved, notes are dynamically added to the clinician’s personalized ‘Learning Stream’ within the ArcheViewer for easy viewing and retrieval, can be sent as instant reminders via email, are indexed and mapped to all the learner’s prior notes for rapid searching, and can be downloaded to hard-copy. Since the learner can take notes alongside the content, they can remain focused and better absorb critical lessons through a more active and engaging approach to learning.

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Reminders and Spaced-Learning Theory

To ensure that learners will be able to move the newly-consumed lessons into long-term memory and support behavior change, learners may set a personalized series of enduring reminders using a spaced based reminder system that delivers the learner’s selected notes via email at defined intervals in accordance with the well-established ‘spaced learning’ theory. Learners can click the ‘Add Reminder’ button on any note to create a “Learning Stream” that will send clipped and archived content at subsequent intervals starting the day after the learner sets their first reminder. This serves to re-expose and re-engage the learner with messages they deem most relevant and important to their clinical practice.

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Resource Library & Integrated Search

To reduce the likelihood that learners will leave an Activity to search for additional information elsewhere, educators can include curated and indexed content (documents, pdfs, images, scans, audio, and video) for learners to search directly within the ArcheViewer. Content selected by educational planners and faculty will be indexed for full text searching by learners. Since the learner’s notes and curated educational resources are available to search through a single interface, learners will be more likely to find, view, download and add relevant content to their notes and personalized learning streams. The resource library can be modified at any time, providing educators the ability to dynamically update Activities as new clinical information and resources become available. New resources are made instantly available to learners through the ArcheViewer to enhance learning and extend the contextual understanding at the point in which the material is the most relevant to their educational needs.

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Faculty Nudges

The ArcheViewer enables educators to design interactive moments (Educator Notes, Cuepoints, Polls, and Reflective Prompts) that can be scheduled to appear at precise moments during the education to nudge learners to reflect and take action. Moments of reflection are key to enabling the learner to process the information being presented and determine how best to incorporate it into his or her own personal practice or professional setting.

By utilizing the available multimedia features, educators can embed images, PDFs, Office Documents, or brief audio and video clips into each interactive moment. These media files are then presented to learners at the most relevant time, driving learners to review the presented information and encouraging deeper reflection and learning. When used in Polls and Reflective Prompts, this also provides educators a more engaging way to solicit feedback and insights from learners in the form of structured data or open text responses that can be used for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

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Seamless Integration

Seamless Platform Integration

The ArcheViewer has been successfully integrated with dozens of websites and learning management systems (LMS) to create seamless learning experiences. The plug and play nature of the the ArcheViewer can enable any organization to extend their existing LMS investment to manage user registration while ArcheMedX powers the learning experience, assessments (pre-test, post-test, and evaluations), and provides real-time learning actions data and key outcome metrics. The ArcheViewer can integrate with a variety of user authentication solutions to support single sign-on (SSO) and web services to enable bi-directional data sharing.

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Real-Time Analytics

Planners and faculty can quickly assess the effectiveness of their planned content as learning actions data and learner progress is presented back in real-time. By integrating this real-time data view in the ArcheViewer, educators can utilize the Activity Creation tools to update content on the fly and nudge individual learners to engage more actively or to focus on their subject matter weaknesses. When combined with ArcheInsight, faculty can view learning action data alongside pre-test, post-test, and evaluation results to more effectively assess how knowledge change is occurring and to identify where the curriculum and content can be refined.

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