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Advances in the Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma

ArcheMedX recently launched another educational initiative with Applied Clinical Education.   The initiative, jointly provided by Global Education Group, is comprised of two ArcheViewer-powered activities intended to engage clinicians treating patients with renal cell carcinoma.  The activities are designed to educate on the latest research on emerging treatments and their efficacy and safety, as well as developing individualized first-line and subsequent therapeutic plans for patients with advanced RCC.

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NSCLC: Navigating New Therapies & Counseling Patients In Clinical Decisions

This initiative is comprised of two ArcheViewer-powered activities intended to engage clinicians treating patients with NSCLC. This initiative also links to a separate patient education activity that is designed to complement the HCP-directed education to support a shared decision-making approach when it comes to the discussion of available therapies. Access to this patient resource will be provided at the end of this activity.

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The Potential Role of Biosimilars in the Treatment of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer (mCRC)

The goal of this ArcheViewer-powered activity is to provide updated information on biosimilars (eg, how biosimilar drugs differ from generic drugs, the similarities and differences between biosimilar drugs and the reference biologic product, FDA guidance regarding the development of biosimilars, etc) and updated safety and efficacy data of emerging biosimilar drugs that may be used to treat metastatic colorectal cancer. Through paired analysis, this Activity has been shown to improve knowledge and competence pertaining to mCRC by more than 70%!

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Diagnosis And Treatment Of NSCLC In The Era Of Targeted Therapies

This initiative is comprised of three ArcheViewer-powered activities intended to educate clinicians about current standards for screening and diagnosis in NSCLC. The initiative also covers recent epidemiological data, approaches to smoking cessation, and general treatment principles, which will be explored in greater depth in parts 2 and 3. Through these activities, Educators have provided learners with more than 80 critical resources including practice tools, research abstracts, guidelines, and open access research articles!

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Emerging Trends in the Sequencing and Combination of Therapies for Advanced Melanoma

In this educational activity, leading oncologists discuss the mechanisms of action, clinical safety, and efficacy profiles of new, as well as emerging therapies, and the use of biomarkers to select regimens and review evidence-based clinical trial data supporting the medical treatment of advanced melanoma. By leveraging the novel activity creation tools within the ArcheViewer, Educators have created 10 unique Learning Moments within this Activity that have been designed to drive reflection and create moments for deeper learning!

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