Data-driven agile education

The ArcheViewer, powered by the ArcheMedX Learning Actions ModelSM, is an award winning e-learning and analysis platform that improves learning, competence, and performance in healthcare professionals. The platform enables educators to construct more interactive and effective online learning experiences that nudge learners to reflect and take action at the right moments and provides educators with new types of learning data and analytics to efficiently assess and continuously improve their education programs.

Nudging Learners to Reflect and Take Action

The ArcheViewer enables each learner to take a variety of critical actions during the education, such as: taking notes synchronized to the content; searching a resource library populated by the educator (i.e., articles, guidelines, tools, brief videos, etc); setting a personalized series of enduring reminders in accordance with spaced learning theory; and viewing and responding to faculty ”nudges” in the form of Educator Notes and Interactive Polls that are scheduled to appear at relevant moments within the content.

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The ArcheViewer currently powers hundreds of online learning activities across dozens of clinical areas for leading academic medical centers, national medical associations and health systems, global pharmaceutical firms, and a variety of healthcare content publishers.

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Embedded Note-Taking

The ArcheViewer enables learners to take notes synchronized to the most relevant moments within the educational content, making it easier to apply critical lessons to clinical practice.

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Integrated Search

The ArcheViewer makes it simple for educators to provide additional content through a curated and indexed library of resources that learners can search through and view online.

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Reminders and Spaced-Learning

The ArcheViewer enables long-term learning and behavior change by driving recall through a spaced based learning reminder system that leverages the learner’s own notes and prioritization.

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Agile, Data-Driven Educational Planning 

New ArcheViewer Administrative Dashboard

By nudging learners to reflect and take action throughout the learning experience, the actions not only drive learners to absorb critical lessons more efficiently and move newly learned concepts into long-term memory, but the actions also create a transformative set of data. The ArcheViewer administrative interface aggregates these data and enables educators to quickly assess educational impact by analyzing novel engagement scores, assessment data, and detailed learning actions metrics.

Moreover, the administrative interface presents insights back to the educator in real-time through data-centric dashboards and interactive reports. The dashboards, as seen in the sample image below, organize key metrics and simplify analysis across different slices of data at the population and individual learner levels to provide 24/7 access to critical insights that educators can then use to optimize their education and create more robust outcomes reports.

Seamless Integration

The ArcheViewer can be easily integrated with any learning management system (LMS) to create a seamless learning experience, and, when combined with ArcheInsight, educators can also view learning action data alongside pre-test, post-test and evaluation results to more effectively assess how knowledge change is occurring and even more precisely identify where the curriculum and content can be refined.

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Learner Features

  • Take and synchronize notes at any moment during the learning activity
  • React to specially designed nudges from faculty to drive reflection, learning, and retention
  • Search a library of related resources selected by faculty and educational planners
  • Create a personalized learning stream of reminders that connects lessons and activities over time

Educational Planner Features

  • Create more agile and data-driven education
  • Engage learners to reflect and take action at prescribed moments
  • Access learner data through a reporting dashboard that simplifies analysis and sharing
  • Glean insights from learner data to optimize content
  • Easily update and refine the learning experience to drive improved learning outcomes