Evolving small, team-based learning

Recentdata shows clinicians are increasingly using social technologies for the express purpose of lifelong learning and professional development. In fact, when you ask clinicians to describe the most valuable part of their last live meeting they will invariably speak to the Q&A or the hallway discussion.

ArcheTeam extends the capabilities included in ArcheHome to provide an online learning solution that blends the key elements of the hallway conversation into an interactive learning experience that enables clinicians to participate together in a series of structured, collaborative learning activities or a planned curriculum. ArcheTeam provides the best of ‘small, group-based learning’ formats in a full online or blended course model. It brings cohorts of learners together to participate securely in shared learning experiences with their colleagues across a curriculum of planned activities powered by the ArcheViewer.



Enabling Groups To Learn Collaboratively

ArcheTeam builds on the three pillars of small group learning: Faculty, Content, and Classmates; to create a learning model that enables faculty to engage with small cohorts of learners through a flexible online curriculum. The experience begins with a team-based home page that enables groups of learners to learn from, with, and about each other; to search, filter, view, and access a designated collection of ArcheViewer Activities; to search, filter, view, download, and recommend tools from a searchable library of related resources; to engage with colleagues and participate in team discussions; and to invite additional colleagues to participate.


Through ArcheTeam faculty can step away from the podium (so to speak) and facilitate, moderate, and even instigate truly novel learning moments.


In ArcheTeam, faculty and planners can choose from a variety of learning tools and formats to design a curriculum that connects content and critical lessons together.


Through ArcheTeam learners can engage in discussions with classmates around planned content, communicate with faculty, and connect with each other to share insights, recommend resources, and ask questions.

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Learner Features

  • Search through a collection of learning activities
  • Engage in collaborative learning activities
  • Search, filter, and recommend related resources to team members
  • Participate in secure team discussions around each learning activity
  • Track progress individually and compared to team members
  • Invite colleagues to join a team and participate
  • Set and receive personalized reminders via email 

Educational Planner Features

  • Create a searchable curricula of ArcheViewer-powered learning activities
  • Manage teams and team members
  • Build an indexed and searchable library of related educational content
  • View team discussions and learner metrics
  • Track and assess detailed learner activity, individually and at the team level