An entirely new way of assessing the impact of education

ArcheInsightaggregates the myriad of natural learning actions captured as learners engage in programs powered by the ArcheViewer and ArcheTeam. As this new form of learning ‘big data’ is collected it offers an unprecedented opportunity to explore, study, and measure learning and engagement at the level of both the individual learner and the broader cohort. Through ArcheInsight, this learning action data is displayed alongside traditional pre-test, post-test and evaluation feedback, providing a holistic view into how clinicians actually learn. Since ArcheInsight also presents data back in real-time, educators can instantly assess the effectiveness of their planned education and update content to “nudge” learners in the right direction.

Designing Evaluation Frameworks

Traditional assessment data can either be imported (directly from an LMS) or uploaded by file to ArcheInsight and correlated to learning actions data captured in the ArcheViewer or ArcheTeam. Faculty and planners can also use new “in lesson” polling features and robust pre-test, post-test, and evaluation options offered through ArcheInsight to collect valuable data at any point learners are engaged in the ArcheViewer or ArcheCourse.

Rapid Feedback Loops

The aggregated insight or “big data” that is collected through ArcheInsight offers an unprecedented opportunity to explore, study, analyze, and refine educational content and learner engagement. As this new form of learning actions data is collected and available in real-time, it allows educators to immediately assess the effectiveness of their education. Reporting tools make it easy to dive deeper into individual learning action metrics to assess learner engagement and identify areas of subject matter weaknesses. Since data is presented in real-time, educators can direct individual learners to engage more actively or to focus on specific gaps in knowledge.

ArcheInsight also enables faculty and planners to more broadly course correct and refine content and the curriculum to ensure that future learners benefit from the experiences of those who came before them.