Clinician Learning Registry

Byengaging research scientists across the fields of education, medical informatics, and behavioral science, we have a unique opportunity to investigate the actions that learners take at the point of learning and to advance the science of learning and behavior change that underpin the continuing education in the healthcare professions.

For this reason, ArcheMedX is establishing the world’s first Clinician Learning Registry to provide access to an aggregated set of clinician learning actions where educators can more broadly assess and validate the impact of training…extracting insights that will lead to more effective educational programs.


The community of educators and faculty that plan, develop, and implement continuing medical education (CME) programs have struggled for decades to understand how the tens of thousands of CME activities they run support lifelong learning. To date the educators have been limited to asking learners to self-assess the impact and importance of their participation. 

Learning Actions

The lack of a more robust mechanism to track and assess the natural actions that learners take in response to their educational and learning needs has severely limited the medical education industry’s ability to properly assess the impact of existing educational programs on clinical practice and stymied the industry’s efforts to develop more effective learning activities.

Leveraging Biomedical Informatics

The tracking and assessment gap in medical education mirrors the need to map and study an EHR system’s open field clinical notes. By assessing learner actions taken at the point of actual learning, the CME community will have a similar opportunity to transform the way they assess and ultimately deliver medical education.